Stay Away From Soy

September 8, 2010 by Matt

You heard me say it! Soy is a dangerous idea. This notion has more recently come to everyone’s attention that soy is not as healthy as it has once been claimed to be. The side effects of soy are beginning to drastically outweigh its so-called benefits. While soy in its natural state does have some benefits, approximately 90% of the soy you have now is processed, re-processed, manufactured out of its natural state.

This means you are losing all the benefits you would be gaining from an organic protein source. This is the drastic difference in whey protein as well. Some of the side effects linked to soy are:

Infertility in women

Low sperm count in men

Certain causes of cancer

Intestinal problems such as nausea or diarrhea

Stunted growth

And lots more

I know most people are really into eating their fibrous cereal and instead of using regular milk (which again is horrible for your body), they switch to soy milk. This is not good either.

Most brands of soy and even rice milk contain polyunsaturated vegetable oils which can cause an imbalance of fatty acids that your body needs to function properly. What does this mean? Well for starters it’s a leading cause of cardiovascular disease.

Soy also is loaded with goitrogens, which affects thyroid function, which is responsible for the use of energy in the body as well as keeping the brain, heart, and muscles functioning.

Needless to say there are ways to get more benefits that your body needs and soy is just not one of those.

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