Gluten Free Whey Protein: Can You Bake Whey?

September 9, 2010 by Matt

I tend to constantly browse, read and learn about different benefits of the uses in whey protein powder. Everytime I come across something that peaks my interest I write about it for you. Well, I recently read an interesting and totally original article about baking whey protein isolates. Is this possible? Mike Eberthart the author of this new concept of baking with whey makes some pretty interesting points and really testing the boundaries of this protein. Check out his article here:

Baking with whey protein

Here’s my only potential problem with this. While making whey protein manufacturers carefully use low heat so as to keep all the proteins, enzymes, and vitamins in tact. So will heating it up during baking at high temperatures just negate all the benefits that you would be getting? I recently did a bunch of research on this and wrote an article you can check out here to get more information.

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-Matt the Whey Protein Guy