Is Soy the Whey?

September 11, 2010 by Matt

Ok so obviously that was a play on words there but I just read this thread over here at:

Whey/Soy Protein Shake Powders

The author I think was really asking for some great advice on which to choose if any. And it really does get totally in depth as you read the thread about the benefits of whey and the negatives of soy protein.

Additionally, they wanted to know some great whey protein shakes recipes which seemingly nobody answered. I get asked this all the time because lets be honest if you’re going to take whey I’d prefer it to be mixed with something other than water. And please do not say soy milk! Or Almond Milk. Those are not healthy.

But I really do prefer to mix my whey protein powder with fresh fruits and veggies. I wrote an article over here about whey protein shakes so check it out to see the my favorite shake recipe I use currently.

Do you have some recipes or thoughts? Show me your alive by commenting below.