Why Undenatured Whey Protein?

September 14, 2010 by Matt

“With all of the recent negative press given to body supplements,
it makes good sense to be cautions about using different
nutritional supplements as a part of your body building efforts.”

This is a great sentence I just read that hits home to me. There are so many fad proteins, fad diets, easy ways to get abs, and most are complete rubbish. The same is true with supplements. To be honest when I first heard of whey protein I was like, “Great here we go again.”

But I kept hearing great things about it and when I dug down and did serious research. And I mean serious research. I found out that this is the real deal, hands down.

So giving credit for that first sentence up above, you can read this guy article here: http://www.wheyproteinspowders.com/reviews-100-whey-gold-protein-natural-chocolate-2-lb-2-lbs-powder/

He does a brief overview but doesn’t really talk to in depth about undenatured whey protein, which in my opinion is the best for you.

I wrote an article over here as to why undenatured whey protein has more benefits than any other whey protein out there. Let me know your alive and hit me up with some comments. I dare ya!