Wow. Whey Protein in Cottage Cheese

September 15, 2010 by Matt

I’ve heard a lot of ways to utilize the health benefits of whey protein powder but bar far the most bizarre is mixing in the food processor with cottage cheese. I found an article over here with a recipe that I must say actually looks quite delicious.

Now take in account that this is not the most healthy way to take in whey protein by any means because cottage cheese is a dairy and the kind you get at the store is generally altered in some sort of a way that loses a lot of enzymes and vitamins that 100% raw organic milk would have.

But I really did think this was a fairly ingenious way to make what I would call a whey protein snack. Personally, I love whey protein shakes because you get jam-packed vitamins, minerals, amino acids and tons more.

You can check out an article I did over here that will give you some great recipes. whey protein shakes recipes.