Whey Protein Isolate with MSG?! – What’s that about?

September 17, 2010 by Matt

The fact of the matter is MSG has always been around since people started manufacturing food. Adding ingredients and changing temperatures often brings this about. It is true that MSG can lead to heart trouble and even causes of cancer and it is in so many foods that we eat. So how do we fix this if it’s in almost everything.

Well like I said it’s in almost everything. A great way to avoid heaps of MSG intake like you would get from Big Macs or Whoopers, which are super unhealthy in their own right, is to eat organic. Let’s demystify this for a second because I think the word “organic” gets a bad wrap. I used to think of organic as people that only go to whole foods who are malnourished hippies and I think most would have some sort of a mental image that is close to this. But that’s not the case.

It’s important to understand what you’re putting in your body is causing more harm than good. Food = fuel. Bad Food = Bad fuel. So why would you put yourself through that. Eating greasy fried foods that end up making you feel sick and don’t give you the energy you need.

Well let me point you to this article I just read today about MSG and how it’s in everything. I want to shed some light on foods that contain this:


You might notice on that list is mentioned whey protein. But not all forms of whey protein have loaded MSG like we’re talking. You body has learned to live with this and adapt since it’s in essence now a part of our everyday diet. But you want it in moderation and you want make sure they whey protein is pure and organic. And there is one great whey protein you would want to check out that is especially low in MSG.

I recently wrote an article over here on whey protein isolate that you can check out and get a feel for how it’s processed and why it’s jam-packed with benefits that your body absolutely needs. Everybody in my opinion should be taking this. Hands down.

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