Whey Protein Weight Gain

September 17, 2010 by Matt

Most people don’t realize that whey protein can be used for both not only losing body fat but also gaining lean muscle and body weight. How is this? Well really it’s all in the protein intake. For lack of being super specific, if you take 1 scoop of whey protein powder that’s an optimal amount for making whey protein more of a weight loss supplement because it will help reduce cravings which tend to lead towards junk food.

However, if you take a few scoops a day, you are getting more of a protein power supplement and lots more calories that can be turned into muscle. I really hadn’t heard of many people writing articles about this until I read this one over here:


But I think unless you are a body builder I would tend to stick with a scoop of 100% raw organic whey protein powder. I’ve found and scientists have found this is the perfect amount of protein grams to get optimal results of utilizing they amount of protein and still dropping body fat.

Remember, not all whey proteins are the same however. Some are just mass manufactured and thrown in stores like GNC or whole foods and to be honest those are drastically superior proteins in my book.

To see why exactly I wrote an article over here on organic whey protein powder and if you check that out you’ll see why it’s so important to choose which whey protein you get wisely.