Aminogen – A huge benefit of organic whey protein powder!

September 22, 2010 by Matt

Have you ever heard of aminogen? What about amino acids? Odds are you’ve definitely heard of these but you might not be exactly sure what they are or what they do. So let me explain this for you really quickly so we can start understanding why whey protein is so beneficial for you.

Amino acids are the building blocks of all proteins. To put it simply, amino acids are like legos that are used to build are bodies up into the healthy ones we need. Not only that but there are 20 different amino acids that make up a protein. They also make up 75% of the body. Every bodily function and movement depends on the proteins made up of amino acids to perform those functions properly.

So what then is aminogen?

Aminogen is an enzymatic protein compound that triples the rate of protein absorption. Many times other protein supplements cause stomach cramps, bloating, or constipation but with whey protein it contains aminogens that make it easy for the body to digest properly.

Not only that but it helps boost your energy, balance your protein levels making your reduce body fat and boost muscle, while providing your body optimal vitamins and mineral intake.

Above is a great article I read, albeit pretty scientific, but nonetheless most of the comments on there really help break down the benefits of aminogen.

I recently wrote an article on organic whey protein powder which is packed with aminogens to help kickstart your weight loss and energy boosting diet. Let me know your thoughts. Have you ever heard of aminogens before? Comment and show me you guys are still alive!