The Secret of the Hunter/Gatherer Diet – The Best Way to Lose Weight

September 24, 2010 by Matt

I don’t know if you remember years back when there was every known diet fad known to man. You had weight watchers, slim fast shakes, the South Beach Diet etc. Well as much as I think most of these diet fads are completely useless there was one that was not far off the mark: The Atkins Diet.

Why was this? Because the Atkins diet was about using protein to lose weight and reduce body fat. The reason it didn’t progress further was due to bad press and I really feel bad unwavering scientific data. But we have that now.

The fact of the matter is the protein means reducing body fat without a doubt. Steak, chicken, fish, wild game can absolutely help you reduce body fat. But I can guarantee you are probably eating the wrong types of meat.

To explain this let me go back to the beginning of time to the caveman era. Back in those days these men were known as hunters and gatherers. Meaning everything they needed to eat was natural wild game. But we don’t eat these wild animals anymore. Fast forward to today and all the meat you see is loaded with preservatives and saturated fats after going through a manufacturing process and then packaged in bulk or cardboard. This is where everyone is going wrong.

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Just recently there has been a health cloud emerging where everything is about as organic as we can get it. Free Range/Cage-free eggs from chickens that can run around and be healthy and eat there natural diet. Cows that graze year around on pesticide free grass so there hormones levels are down and the meat is more natural.

This is across the board happening. When you go to the grocery store look for organic. Look for cage-free. Look for farm fresh. Having a keen eye and you’ll start noticing that you can give your body plenty of protein and thus start reducing body fat because you’re not putting garbage in it.

Additionally, I supplement my protein intake with whey protein which has the number one antioxidant in the world. You have absolutely got to read this article I wrote over here on organic whey protein powder and the countless benefits it has for your body.