Whey Protein contains the perfect BV (Biological Value) of any Protein

September 25, 2010 by Matt

There’s been this ever slight emergence of the term BV, or Biological Value, in the health and food industry. Maybe you’ve heard of this somewhere while reading about protein supplements, but what exactly is this? Without getting super scientific here, because I hate that, biological value means the measure of how much a certain protein from a food is absorbed within our body.

I read a great article over here on the positive effects that whey protein has on Biological Value: http://weightsroom.com/?p=424

Just to quote to a few sentences of this article, “Whey is actually able to be absorbed with perfect efficiency – it’s BV is 100%! This is 4-45% higher than other proteins.”

This is just one reason why whey protein is the absolute best protein. Moreover, there are really two types of whey proteins two: denatured whey protein and undenatured whey protein. What’s the difference?

Denatured whey protein is whey processed at high temperatures during the cheese process. This actually tends to kill enzymes and nutrients. Does it mean you should buy denatured whey protein. Not at all. But why settle for second best. Undenatured whey protein is even more superior. Why is this?

Well I recently wrote an article over here on all the benefits you need to know on undenatured whey protein. So go check that out and see all the amazing nutritional benefits you can get right away.