Time to Eat Healthy – Start With a Whey Smoothie

October 1, 2010 by Matt

So I still do my whey smoothie’s once a day but I keep getting emails on regular meals to eat and what to lay off of nowadays. I really do love eating and I do like having the option of not hindering the fact I love all kinds of food and some might not be as healthy as I want. But save that for when you go out and eat.

When you cook at home cook healthy and cook organic. Fruits and veggies are a definite way to go anytime of day. I really encourage people to stay away from flour and high fructose corn syrup which seems to be in almost anything you eat out at restaurants these days.

Go here and have a look at these recipes so you can see what I mean as far as cooking healthy. Not only that but as a cook myself I can guarantee that these are going to be delicious for anyone from the bachelor to even your kids.


The only thing I saw there that I would change, and you’ll see my comment below stating this, is to not use sugar or artificial sweeteners. Nutrisweet, or Splenda, are really bad for your blood pressure and it’s simple to fix this.

Solution: Add honey.

Honey is an oxidizing agent that aids enzyme absorption and for your kids that have a sweet tooth this is the definite plus. So whether it be a sauteed dish or a stir fry that you want to sweeten just add this. Another organic sweetener you can add is called Stevia, which is safe from you and one or two drops will sweeten anything.

But back to eating healthy. Stick to the idea of organic and you’ll be fine and if you add in a whey protein smoothie or shake you will really start seeing results in just days. I really do mean that. Not only will you have lots more energy but you’re going to be reducing those cravings which usually lead to junk food.

Go over here and check out my recipe on whey protein shakes and try some for yourself. Also leave me some comments on what you think or other recipes you like. I’d be happy to give you my input or even try them out.