2010’s Hottest & Healthiest Food Fabs. Why is whey is not on this list?

October 9, 2010 by Matt

Well it’s not surprise to anybody that knows me understands I love cooking. I love food. And I love cooking bizarre foods and trying new things. All this I attribute credit to watching entirely too much Travel Chanel and Food Network Shows. Trying something new doesn’t scare me at all. I will literally try anything.

Lucky for you I’m not gonna make you try anything weird by any means. While researching new trends in the food industry, I came across this website that I think really goes in depth with great new foods to supplement a healthy optimal diet. Some of which include sardines, acai berry and stevia (I’ll write a post about stevia in the coming week because everybody needs to hear about this stuff – it’s great!)

View the article here: http://blog.syracuse.com/entertainment/2010/01/food_and_beverage_2010_a_look.html#_login

But to piggyback on my last blog post about sports drinks versus milk on muscle recovery, I want to talk about something on this article I read: Coconut Water.

Not only do I love cooking but my friends know I love survival shows too: Survivorman, Man vs. Wild, Dual Survival, Man Woman Wild. I love them all. I noticed this a while back when a buddy and I had a marathon of these shows. Whenever anyone was stranded on an island, one of the first foods anybody looked for was coconuts. Why is this? Because coconut water is the next best thing for natural hydration. It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients. It’s one of the foods that can keep you alive because it has a literal cornucopia of amazing benefits.

Did you know that natural coconut water (which you can find in most grocery stores) contains 14 times more electrolytes than the leading sports drink?! Imagine that replenishment.

So you might be wondering well I saw the list of foods in the article but I didn’t see whey protein. Why not?

Well whey protein has been around a while now but it has been growing steam and notoreity for more than just this past year. If you have never tried, heard, or read about the amazing benefits of this supplement you need to read this article I wrote over here.


Choosing to take whey protein is one of the best decisions you can make for your life. Leave your comments or love below, I’d love to hear them and a toast to a long and healthy life.