Burn Fat and Stay Slim – The Easy Whey

October 10, 2010 by Matt

It’s important with anybody who wants to burn fat and stay slim to start off exercising for one, but also to supplement any working out or activity with whey protein. This has a two fold effect. First off just getting any exercise whether its extensive working out or not, it starts boosting your metabolism and digesting your food better. So foods that are normally stored as fat are getting burned up. This is especially important with complex carbohydrates like pastas or rice.

While I was very active in playing soccer, I used to always do a pasta meal before working out because my body would use it up quickly as energy. Your body will burn up carbs first and then start burning up proteins and fats afterwards so it made sense to load up. In a soccer game one will burn up to 6 miles, but nowadays I am far from that active so I have to watch eating those types of carbs.

How do I still get the carbs my body needs though? Stick to fruits and fresh vegetables. These are not complex carbs so your body will burn these faster.

Another reason why you want to take whey protein is that your body will start reducing food cravings. Most of the time we have food cravings in the middle of the day, is when we turn towards whatever is in the pantry for a quick fill me up. Let’s be honest – this usually tends to lead towards more unhealthy junk food.

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By using whey protein you can get rid of these cravings because the amount of protein you get from whey can act as a meal replacement if used with fruits and veggies in a shake or smoothie.

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