Does Dieting Cause Weight Gain? This Is Eye Opening!

October 14, 2010 by Matt

I’m a huge movie buff and what comes to mind is a quote in Austin Powers where the character “Fat-Bastard” who is an obese villain played by Mike Myers in a fat suit says, “I eat because I’m unhappy and I’m unhappy because I eat. It’s a vicious cycle.” This is true for a lot of people. There is a actually a scientific title to this called “food insecurity.”

I’m sure you’ve seen in movies or in real life when a woman is going through a mini-crisis she turns towards ice cream or chocolate for comfort. That is what this means. She might not normal meals at all but then she turns towards the junk food for something to alter her emotions. Sadly enough this happens to a lot of us on even a micro scale.

Think about even the time you are hungry mid-day and you decide to turn towards the pantry, which is usually the death of our dieting or health. We grab for the chips, the candy bar, the chocolate etc. Sound familiar? I know I have so don’t try and take the high road on me here.

Well I have to admit I read one of the most enlightening, entertaining, and scientifically backed articles in a long time. I really cannot tell you how much you need to read this. It’s about the effects the mind and body has on how we eat. Just like “Fat-Bastard” he eats because he has emotional problems and maybe you eat have a high level of anxiety sometimes. Either way you need to understand your body will react differently than usual to this. Because your hormones are changing your body might store food as fat because it’s awaiting the next emotional outburst of food whether it’s a junk craving, not eating, or over-eating.

Check out this article here:

On a similar note, I absolutely agree with this because I’ve had friends that have anxiety and I would see this on a regular occurrence and they would wonder why they weren’t losing weight because they weren’t eating very much. Well this explains it to a “T”.

I also always talk about a hunter/gatherer diet to fix this and that starts with eating more organic fresh fruits and veggies. The worst thing I usually see is people think they get carbs from only pastas or rices but the fact of the matter is these are complex carbohydrates that really should only be consumed if you are extremely active because your body will burn these off as fuel first before burning fat and it gives you high energy. But a more inactive person needs to avoid these because you won’t burn off enough of the calories.

If you want to get some more info on this, I recommend reading and article I wrote on organic whey protein powder to help supplement and optimal diet and help your body avoid junk food cravings. This is the number one protein on the planet which also reduces body fat. Trust me it’s the real deal – I take it every day and I feel better than ever.