Artificial Sweeteners are the Grim Reaper of Weight Loss

October 20, 2010 by Matt

One of the things I get asked all the time is, “I have to drop weight in a short amount of time, so what’s the first thing I can do to help me accomplish this?” Does this sound at all familiar. I know most of us have had weddings, class or family reunions, social gatherings, bar-mitzvahs, whatever it is we need to lose weight like yesterday.

After I had stopped playing professional soccer due to some injuries, it was hard for me to exercise and so because of my metabolism, I started putting on the dreaded pounds. It probably didn’t help that I enjoy a nice cold beer or 3 as well, but that’s my luxury I don’t like to give up.

Fast forward a month and a half or so and I dropped 30 pounds. How did I do it? Well a great friend of mine does mixed martial arts and was in incredible shape. He looked at me and said, what you really have is a lot of water weight that you need to drop.

Naturally, I said what do I need to do think? (This was before I knew anything about nutritions mind you) He said lay off cokes, sodas, sweet teas (ugh I’m a southern boy so that was difficult!) But I did. I literally switched nothing from my diet yet but I got rid of all the artificial sweeteners that were in drinks. Your body stores those sugars as straight fat.

By getting rid of all that unhealthy sugars, sweet n low, splenda etc. I was able to drop down incredibly.

Women: If you’re serious about weight loss, quit drinking diet coke. That is so bad for you. Don’t let the no calorie slogan fool you.

Say good-bye to sweet tea. I did and it did wonders. So what are your options? What do I recommend people now?

Answer: Stevia

Stevia is a organic herb that contains high natural sugars. Here’s a picture of it.

You can also go to the health food store and get yourself an extra. I thought this was crazy but when I steeped some unsweetened tea I dropped 2 drops of this stevia extract and it sweetened my whole drink up. I highly recommend it.

Here’s a great article I found on some great drinks to mix things up and are really fresh to try. Also these recipes use stevia so you know they’ll be sweet yet organically healthy for you:

Ok so that’s the first recommendation I give people but I said that I always give 2 changes in a person’s diet to drop some quick weight. So what’s the other. Well for that I’ll direct you over here to read this article on natural whey protein powder it’ll do you wonders.

Feel free to leave me comments or questions to let me know you’re alive.