Whey Protein Bars – Your Portable Protein Pack!

October 23, 2010 by Matt

I always talk about the importance of whey protein in regards to weight loss but it really is just as important as a junk food meal replacement. One main reason why I keep the dreaded extra “lbs” off is because I use whey protein daily.

One of the main benefits of it is that it gives you healthy calories you need an fills you up. Which is why I tend to take my whey protein powder mid day before I go exercise. That tends to be the time of the day in between lunch and dinner where people want to get a little grub on.

What better way to compensate this urge than with whey protein bars. On occasion I’ll grab a bar because I’m on the move and don’t have time to make a whey protein shake. Here is a great brand I like to use as well you should check out. You can get these at your nearest whole foods store or even buy them online.

So remember to avoid those mid day junk food urges in between meals by grabbing a healthy whey protein bar. This brand tastes great too. I use a few and most are actually pretty tasty.

Also for those of you who have some extra time on your hands make sure you check out my recipes for whey protein shakes over here in this article I wrote. You want to talk about delicious. These are like dessert but they are super healthy for you!

If you have any other whey protein bar brands please feel free to let me know what they are.