Glutathione – Natures Best Kept Hidden Secret!

October 29, 2010 by Matt

Any nutritionist will tell you they’ve heard of Glutathione. But most people will go through life probably having no clue what it is or the absolutely incredible benefit it has on your body.

So by now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “ok matt, well what is it?” Well simply put Glutathione is a very tiny molecule that is located in EVERY single cell in your body. So do you think that’s important? You bet!

Glutathione is also the number one antioxidant in the world and other than the body’s low production of this molecule it’s only found only in raw meat, raw eggs, and raw milk. So unless you are Rocky Balboa I don’t think you’re doing much raw egg drinking these days. And raw meat I’m not going to even go there if you’re eating that.

But the good news is you can have raw milk because that’s what whey protein comes from. Ahh, see how we found the amazingly beneficial loop hole!

Before we go any further I want to explain why it’s still so important for you to get more of this in your body since you already realize you’re not getting enough from what was mentioned above.

Here’s a list of some quick benefits:
• boosts your immune system
• counteracts stress
• neutralizes free radicals
• fights poor dieting, radiation, and bodily pollution
• known to help fighting diseases and certain causes of cancer
• plus tons more

I really can’t stress enough how you need to be making sure you’re body has enough of this and the main way to make sure of that is by taking whey protein.

And not only does whey protein contain amazing benefits of it’s on including Glutathione but it contains tons more. Check out this article over here on natural whey protein powder for some great benefits and tips to get you started to a healthier life today.

Keep me posted on your thoughts. I love to hear them.