Food of the Week: Alligator Pears – Also known as…

November 3, 2010 by Matt

Because of the tough exterior skin this term in the food industry called Alligator Pears is also known as none other than one of my favorite fruits: The avocado. Yes it’s a fruit, not a vegetable because it’s got that big brown seed located in the center.

First off, I must admit I literally eat a half of an avocado every day for breakfast and I used to not really be a huge fan of them. But a little bit of fresh sea salt and fresh cracked pepper can make me like just about anything.

So why do you need these in your diet? Well first off they are jam-packed with benefits so let me just list a few for you.

• Prevents Prostate Cancer

• Breast Cancer Prevention

• Oral Cancer Prevention

• Eye Health

•  Lower Cholesterol

• Stroke Prevention

• Heart Health

• Super High in Vitamin E

• A Healthy Source of Glutathione

Many of you might not know what Glutathione is but I recently wrote an article over here entitled, Glutathione – Natures Best Kept Hidden Secret! and you definitely need to go check that out.

So anytime you can put some ripe avocado into your diet whether its raw or even as a salad topping or in fresh guacamole (since it’s the main ingredient for making this) then go for it.

I mean how good does this look?

Some of you might not have used avocados so let me just take a sec to tell you how to prep these for using. As you can see in the picture above the avocado is split right down the center. This is how you get the seed out. Cut directly down the center with your knife and turn the fruit around until you get back where you started.

Now you should have a slice all the way around the fruit all the way to the seed. Take one side in each hand and twist the avocado and it should come apart just like the picture above. Now to remove the seed just take your knife, and carefully hit the seed with it to the knife is lodged into the seed. Now while holding the knife turn the seed clockwise, or counter clockwise it doesn’t matter and the seed should still be attached to your knife.

If you have trouble just check it out on youtube. Ok enough of that tangent but I’m just trying to help you out there.

I wish I could quote the source here, but I remember reading that if you were stranded on a dessert island and all you had was avocados, then you could live a happy and healthy life. They have all the nutrients and key ingredients that your body needs to function properly.

So adding this to your diet could mean great things. Most people say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, which is actually true. But I could say the same thing about avocados. So go out there and grab yourself some ripe fruit and enjoy.

Side Note: If you want to ripen up an avocado just put them in a brown paper bag on the counter with an apple or banana in their too. Leaving it overnight or 24 hours will ripen it up because those other fruits contain ethylene gas that cause the avocado to ripen quicker.

So go out to the grocery store and grab yourself some “Alligator Pears.” Despite there being over 500 different types, I’d usually stick to the California Avocado. I think they have the best taste out there. Leave some love below and here’s to staying healthy!