A Little Peanut Butter Could Do Your Body Good!

November 6, 2010 by Matt

Peanut Butter is extremely overlooked these days but it has amazing health benefits for you including suppressing your appetite. Back in the day people thought peanuts and peanut butter were bad for you because they were loaded with fats. True. Well at least on the fats part.

But what they didn’t know this at the time was peanuts were full on monosaturated fats (different from the kind I’m sure you’re thinking of) and this is extremely healthy for your heart. The same was true for avocados back in the day as well.

Not only that but 5 major food studies have peanut butter linked to more and more health benefits everytime they do extensive research. Ok if you’ve been reading my blog posts hopefully you’ve gotten some great insight to new foods to add and some great new health tips. I had promised to give you a detailed list of foods I consume for an overall healthy breakfast, but you’ll have to wait a few more posts before I get to that one.

However, I will tell you that peanut butter is something I eat every day on fresh celery sticks. Come on now, let’s get back to the time when you used to eat peanut butter on celery sticks as a kid. Well it’s time to add this back on your list of daily foods.

I mean how good does this look?

Other studies have shown that nuts help suppress food cravings, which we all know can easily lead to junk food cravings. Even something as simple as a handful of nuts can help digest your meal as well as helping you not overeat which is extremely important especially for Americans. Our portions at restaurants are so large that we really should take every meal we eat out at a restaurant and making it into two separate meals.

Here’s just a little breakdown and some benefits of peanut butter as well. It’s not only linked to help decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease but it’s loaded with Vitamin E which is one of the most important antioxidants. Also it’s extremely high and fiber and adding peanut butter on celery helps keep your teeth healthy.

I promise that’ll be the last pie chart I ever blog about. But at least you can see the quick breakdown of how overall healthy this is for you. Really there are just countless benefits you can see from using Peanut Butter and even adding nuts into your diet which I’ll blog about soon but here’s a great brand I’d recommend you getting.

And check out this little blog about what this person recommends to be healthy peanut butter because I think you’ll see that some of the recommendations are not up to par and you can see that from a lot of the comments on there.


Alot of peanut butters have sugars or saturated fats added which we know is not that great for you if you’re health conscious at all. So I’d stick with this brand. Also if you have any other brands let me know and I’ll be more than happy to check them out. I love you’re opinions.

One thing I really want you to notice on the label here is the word “Organic.” Have you noticed that almost everything I recommend you eating is organic. This is because it’s not processed at all. It’s so important for your health and ultimately for tightening up your body and losing that unwanted body fat.

That’s why I wrote the article organic whey protein powder so check it out and see some more great benefits