Sushi Is The Brain Food – So Give It A Shot

November 9, 2010 by Matt

I like asking this question to people to see what type of a person they are. If there was one food you were forced to eat every meal for the rest of my life what would it be? I’ve heard people say pizza, pasta, and almost everything under the tuscan sun. But do you know what my answer is every single time?

Well if you don’t answer sushi then you didn’t read the title of this blog. But it’s absolutely true and here’s why. First off there is sushi for everyone so before you knock it give it a shot. I’ve turned the most raw hating fish lovers into sushi connoisseurs. There is a reason for this and that is sushi is for everyone because there are so many varieties and the health benefits are outstanding.

If you don’t like raw stuff, you can always get baked salmon rolls which is one of my favorite. Also I’d recommend trying eel sauce which is a sweet flavorful molasses type of sauce similar to a pancake syrup. Trust me get a side of this stuff!

But you can also get different kinds of sushi like sashimi or rolls. Sashimi is just a simple slice of fish laid on top of rice, while rolls are a fish stuffed inside of rice usually with a veggie and wrapped with seaweed paper.

But fish and sushi is known as brain food and that’s due to the fact that it is so high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish is super high in protein and also very low in calorie intake. It is also incredibly helpful for regulating and lowering blood sugar levels so people who are diabetic should eat fish/sushi regularly.

Bad eye sight? Well the Omega-3 is an important critical part of having healthy eyes as well. Moreso, studies have shown it prevents Alzheimer’s as well as help with depression, arthritis, and boosting the immune system. Here’s a great in depth article I want to share with you here’s a breakdown what the author says is a major reason why sushi and Omega-3 is vital to your diet.

This might get a bit scientific but just hang in there. This guy Warren is a fish afficianado (like that play on words) and here’s his breakdown:

“The most well known of the Omega-3 fatty acids are Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA). Both of these fatty acids are fundamental building blocks of our own central nervous system as well, and like most other creatures, our bodies cannot manufacture them by itself (unlike other necessary substances like Vitamin D for example). We must either eat DHA and EPA or precursor Omega-3 fatty acids that our bodies can convert into DHA and EPA.”

Ok so does that clear it up a little bit? Well hopefully a smidge. Here’s his article if you want to read it all too:

So let me just say if you’re still a little bit apprehensive on trying raw sushi that there are other forms of sushi you can have and just get as much health benefits out of it…and they are cooked! Yay!

First off, I consider anybody who’s new to sushi needs some training wheels because for most people it’s a texture problem. Think of it like coffee. Most people who drink coffee know that it’s an acquired taste. I don’t think sushi is quite as bad as your first sip of coffee by any means but what I mean is start simple. California rolls are the most basic and have some crab meet in them.
Or try some tempura which is fried and most people tend to get like a shrimp tempura which is great. My favorite recommendation and usually one of my favorite all time rolls is a baked salmon dish. That is straight up heaven.
TRAVELER TIP: Now I used to travel all over the country to different major cities and every where I went I would try sushi. Specifically, I would try their tuna. More specific I would try their “Tuna Tataki.”

The reason is because I’m always determined to find a better “Tuna Tataki” than the one located in my hometown of Orlando, Florida and I have yet to do this. So if you are ever and I mean ever in Orlando you need to go downtown to Church St. and order the “Tuna Tataki” at Amura because not only is it the best sushi I’ve ever eaten, but this Amura, out of all all Central Florida was ranked number 1 for I think 8 years in a row now. It’s that good! I’d also recommend a Volcano Roll which is baked crab and scallops on top.

Ok but back to the reason why I blog and that is to educate, to help out, to answer any questions people might have about food or health or even losing weight. Sushi is big on my list and a regular part of my diet because it’s natural. And if you’re thinking well it’s kind of expensive right? Look for happy hours because every sushi place has incredible happy hour prices on there slower times of the day!

But speaking of natural foods to add to your diet it’s always important you add the healthiest foods or supplements you can and that’s why before you leave I want you to read an article I wrote on natural whey protein powder because it will change your life how great this stuff is for you.

Now I really do Need your feedback here! I’m sure by now you know I love sushi and I love traveling. So please in the comments below send me some recommendations of great sushi places to visit no matter where you are in the world!
Do me that huge favor and it would be greatly appreciated. Also if you in NYC I’d ┬árecommend going in times square and eating at this underground spot called Hagi.
It is absolutely delicious, super authentic and one of my best places to eat in NYC.
Thanks again and I look forward to hearing all of your recommendations and trying them out. Until then I hope you enjoyed the post. A toast to staying living a long and healthy life full of happiness and delicious raw fish.