Losing Weight With Winter Foods

November 30, 2010 by Matt

It’s winter time and that means your favorite fruits and veggies are changing season. Well that means we need to still find great ways to keep you on your diet and keep you losing weight. So for the sake of this blog let’s get down to it.

Winter is not the ideal season for your fresh fruits thats for sure but it is a great time for incredibly healthy dark green vegetables. Dark green leafy vegetables are, calorie for calorie, perhaps the most concentrated source of nutrition of any food. They are a rich source of minerals (including iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium) and vitamins, including vitamins K, C, E, and many of the B vitamins.

Here’s a great list of a few winter veggies to put in your grocery store cart this season:

Bok Choy
Broccoli Rabe
Brussels Sprouts
Celery Root
Jerusalem Artichokes
Snow Peas
Squash (Winter)
Sweet Potatoes
Turnips (White)

Not only that but they even have Omega-3 fatty acids which are what salmon is known for. To break this down they are loaded with nutrients as you can tell and most importantly: They are NOT processed foods.

If you’ve been having trouble losing weight you really do need to look at what processed foods you are eating. Simplifying foods are better. I wrote a blog on the hunterer gatherer diet you can check out about a month ago and this is exactly what I mean. When people get involved in the making of foods it tends to complicate things.

That’s an odd statement but what I mean is this. A fresh vegetable is grown, picked from the ground, cleaned and then at the grocery store for you to get.

Processed foods have been altered from their natural state for safety reasons and for convenience. The methods used for processing foods include canning, freezing, refrigeration, dehydration and aseptic processing. Most, not all, but most foods lose so many nutrients and after they are altered or changed they pick up chemicals that is not healthy for your body to consume.

Have you ever seen those egg beater eggs that are in liquid form in a carton? Well what do you think is better a cage free farm fresh egg or an egg that has been changed, liquified, manufactured in a carton and then put in the fridge section of your grocery store?


The fresh egg would be the correct answer there.

One of my new ways to lose weight is to really use lots of kale in my diet. Kale is a great way to substitute cabbage during the winter time. But really any dark diet green vegetable is a great way to get on track of losing pounds.

Another great way to lose weight is by using whey protein powder in your diet. I’ve noticed in the winter time we tend to eat big meals for thanksgiving and christmas season. Not only that, we have lots of left-overs in the fridge that are usually loaded with sugar like sweet potato casseroles or pies.

Check out this great article I wrote over here on whey protein weight loss for some great additional tips during the winter time.