It’s Time To Melt Off Those Holiday Meals By Doing This

December 27, 2010 by Matt

If you’re anything like me than the holidays are a great time. Family, spending time with friends, presents, and great food; however, usually way to much comfort food leaves us hurting to lose some weight again. Don’t get all down on yourself though because we’re all in the same boat.

I always say there are 3 meals a year where I fully admit I’m going to cheat on what I eat. My birthday I always go to those Japanese hibachi grill places like Kobe Steakhouse where the chef prepares the meal right in front of you and does that fancy flaming onion volcano. Second is Thanksgiving. And lastly, you have to cheat for Christmas.

But those meals do leave us super full, generally lazy due to the Turkey we consume, and our fridge bursting with tupperware leftovers for the next day. It’s a vicious cycle. So how do we get ourselves to lose that weight quickly?

Well exercise obviously but we need to take it a step further. The best way for your body to lose weight and actually to get in shape is through interval training.

So the best way to kick those extra pounds you might have is to walk, jog, run, walk, jog, run. For me when I hit the treadmill I usually start off walking then after a little bit i’ll run for a few minutes before I go back to a little bit of a faster walk that I was doing before.

The reason why this type of exercise is so effective is because you are constantly fluctuating your heart rate up and down. This constant changing helps your body learn to adapt and actually burns calories at a far quicker rate than just keeping up a steady pace. It’s in essence tricking your body because you’re heart rate is changing so much up and down.

But we need to do something else too

Now that you’re getting in shape and understanding the best way to lose pounds you need to supplement that by taking whey protein powder and you need to take the best one for you. I always tell people that not all whey proteins are the same. The reason is because some are more processed than others. Some are organic and some aren’t. Some are manufactured at high heat temperatures which kills some of the nutrients you might want while some are heated at lower temperatures preserving those.

Additionally some are produced from cows that graze on grass that has pesticides on them and some are pesticide free. Others are produced from cows that are given steroids and some aren’t. It does get somewhat confusing there but lucky for you we’ve done literally ALL the research for you so go here and you’ll find the best whey protein powder you can get.