The secret to getting abs without doing any crunches!

February 5, 2011 by Matt

Ok so this post is something that I probably should have written a while ago but I like to think it’s a little diamond in the rough. As a former professional athlete and now nutritionist, I get asked all the time, “How can I get a 6-pack?” Well that answer might come as a complete shock to you but I literally tell people you don’t have to do one single crunch to get abs.

The look on their face is usually befuddlement, confusing, and intriguing to say the least. How is this possible. Well think about it this way. You abs are muscles. They are already there. The problem however is that most people have body fat in the way that keep them from showing up. You can do all the crunches you want but if your diet isn’t right and you have extra pounds in the way, they are never going to come out and play.

So how do you fix this. Well it’s easy: Dieting.

Most people have a horrible diet. They eat fast food, they love butter, mayo on ever single sandwich and even though I love the stuff, they have way too much cheese in their diet. Start changing your mindset by thinking like an organic person.

Now I know that kind of sounds very hippy but just think in terms of fresh organic fruits and veggies. Add them to your diet and you’ll see a dramatic change in weight loss. For instance if you want breakfast don’t go to Denny’s and get hashbrowns instead get a fruit cup. Don’t get cheese on your omelette just get scrambled eggs, and preferably cage free farm fresh which you can find at the supermarket and I actually have a previous blog post on that if you search for eggs.

By adding organic fruits and veggies you are bypassing an entire manufacturing flaw that is out there in the health food industry. Everyone uses additives or processes their food where it alters the natural state. This is what puts pounds on your body and this is why you don’t see your abs.

By adding exercise too you’re just going to speed up the process so go for a walk or do some cardio. It really doesn’t have to take any crazy working out, the reason why you want to exercise is because it simply kickstarts your metabolism so your body breaks down fat and burns it as fuel.

One of the other things you can do that is just as good as the previous ideas are to supplement your diet with whey protein powder. This will take it to a whole new level. Not only does whey curb your appetite so you won’t have those mid day junk food cravings which tend to add horrible high calorie fat foods, but it tones your body and gives you a boost in energy.

Without going too in depth just visit the link above to see more incredible health benefits of whey and to also find out which one I recommend is hands down the best one for you to take.

So go out there, change your diet around, do a bit of exercise to get that blood pumping, and add some whey to your diet. You’re going to see those abs in literally no time at all! I promise!

Take care,

-Matt Smith