What Exactly Is A Fitness Boot Camp?

February 21, 2011 by Author

Food would always be a necessity for the human existence. Alongside humans developing as time passes, the same can be said for food. In fact wherever you go nowadays, food stalls would always be present to appease your cravings. The downside of this is that these are the foods that are usually high in calories and are unhealthy. Although a number of people are keeping a close watch on their diet and physical health, it could not be held true at all times. There would also be times that indolence and the lack of will to watch what you’re eating can happen. But thanks to fitness boot camps; there is a great way to keep you in a great shape. Fitness boot camps are available for everyone and in most parts of the world; and there are now increasing in popularity.

You will have to undergo outdoor group exercises for a period of 4 to 8 weeks. There is a mixture of body exercise and strengthening activities with its main goal of pushing people harder and to their limits.

Fitness boot camps are great for those who lack discipline and body exercise. With days of dawn exercises, jogging, sprints, and plyometric exercises; who would not end up living a healthy lifestyle this way. Plyometric exercise is a specialized exerciser which is high in intensity that aimed to develop the speed and strength of an individual. This includes hopping, jumping, bounding moves that makes the yd9z5q muscles contract. Like is any other exercise, there are of course rest intervals to avoid muscle strains and body aches.

In a typical setting, the fitness boot camp only caters to few people in a group of about 6-10 people. For those living in the city and they have to attend their jobs and other routine activities, it is usually performed in parks or other outdoor spaces. Let’s have a look on the process in brief; before any activity, there are orientations made wherein the safety guidelines are discussed, the objectives and even questions are answered. Then warm-up follows shortly which lasts for about 10 minutes. The next thirty to forty minutes is where the actions happen. The exercises include doing pushups, lounges, squats, speed trainings, partner exercises and many others. The activity ends with a cool down in order to relax the muscles used.

These fitness boot camps are not for adults alone. In fact, there are kid’s fitness boot camps wherein kids will be taught how to discipline themselves by exercising and even meet other people in the process. There are also specific fitness boot camps offered like sports boot camps wherein enrollees can play soccer, bicycling, running and many others. For seniors or much older people, they also need to keep themselves fit that is why senior’s boot camp is offered to them.