How Whey Protein Weight Loss Will Work For You

March 22, 2011 by Matt

So as a nutritionist, I get asked quite often how whey protein actually works with weight loss. I think a lot of people misconstrue the fact that because it is a protein supplement that you automatically gain weight but that isn’t true at all. What it actually does is replace unhealthy calories you most likely consume from the foods you eat like anything processed, anything in a can, or virtually anything you get at a restaurant with extremely healthy calories.

Recent studies have actually shown that even if you overeat healthy foods like organic fruits and vegetables your body won’t store that as fat but will utilize all the healthy calories. So adding healthy supplements are the same. So let’s get to why whey protein works exactly because it is similar.

Whey protein, because it is so high in protein counts and is higher in protein by weight than any other one out there on the market to date, it helps curb your appetite. This is how you avoid those mid day junk food cravings that give you the unhealthy calories in your diet. I know for me personally, I reach for the whey protein usually mid day and make a whey protein fruit smoothie that is loaded with vitamins and minerals so that I will fill up on foods with extremely high health nutritional benefits.

This is what is extremely important.

So now knowing that you can load up on healthy foods and that whey protein will help fill you up during the day and also give you a natural boost in energy because it is so well rounded for you that your body will start burning off the fat that was being stored by unhealthy foods or ones that are high in wheat, or gluten.

Here is when you will notice yourself literally melting away fat and your body will get extremely lean. It is also where you will start seeing that beach bod come back even before you even go to the gym or exercise. However, now that you have whey protein powder in your system and you are no doubt feeling incredibly energized is when you want to utlize that energy and start getting in a workout routine because that will take your body to a whole new level.

I tell people all the time don’t freak out about working out. You don’t need to go run 5 miles, or do heavy lifting at all. Simple cardio is best and interval training is the best by far. So jog for a bit then walk. Then jog some more and keep repeating that. The fluctuation in your heart rate actually tricks your body into working overtime but that’s where we get a little more scientific.

I just want you to see how the cycle tends to work for everyone or at least most people who start taking whey protein powder. Because the results are almost immediate. You will notice changes within literally a day when it comes to energy level and easily within the week when it comes to dropping those unwanted pounds and getting that body that people are envious of.

It’s always great to have a great body and get in shape because that definitely has its perks and it’ll give you a whole new level of confidence and happiness about you. They often say that people who smile a lot are truly happy and life is going well for them. Well the same happens when you feel good and start feeling better about your body. It gives you a confidence that you don’t get anywhere else. Trust me I know.

With that being said you can go here if you want to get my recommendation on the best whey protein powder that I’ve found out there on the market and the two I personally take every day. I absolutely love these and they are delicious without that chalky aftertaste everyone hates. Remember that when you purchase something for your health get the best one that’s out there. Don’t settle. It’s time to take the bull by the horns so start by taking some action in your life today.