Does Protein Powder Go Bad?

May 19, 2011 by Matt

This is kind of a question I get asked every so often but to be honest I really do think it is a great question to answer and moreover I feel I need to actually explain to people the answer so they understand. Keep reading and I’m going to explain to you by the end know all about whey protein expiration and if it occurs or not.

If you ever read my blogs you know I am a huge food and cooking maniac. I absolutely love it. One of the things I was shocked to hear while watching Giada de Laurentiis, my favorite female cook on Food Network that has a show called “Everyday Italian,” explained that everything has a shelf life.

She went on to talk about how even herbs you use in your pantry need to be replaced every single year because they lose potency. I was sure this was true because I was pretty confident my mom had been using the same herbs since before she had kids but I decided to do a little test with the spice oregano. So I went out to my neighborhood grocery store and purchased fresh oregano. It smelled fantastic and unlike the one in my mom’s pantry.

I told her I was going to do a blind smell test and I held up the old herb she had been hoarding for years on end and she goes, “It smells plain, but kind of nice.” The second and newer purchased oregano made her go, “Wow that smells absolutely incredible, is that Oregano?”

Well the same answer will work for when people ask me does whey protein powder expire. It is a resounding yes. Even the container will on average give approximately a year shelf life as well. I would say in most people’s case a 2 pound container should last anywhere from 1-3 months depending on how much they are consuming anyways. And that goes from athletes to just your every day mom consuming the stuff.

You want to take a supplement when it is the most potent so make sure you don’t just wait around. Also the fact that it is does contain dairy (so little though it doesn’t affect lactose intolerant people) but it will actually cause it to turn at some point later on down the road.

But let me be perfectly honest when I say you should not be even reaching a point when your whey could be going bad. Remember that this stuff is a health supplement and considered the number one protein powder on the planet. Not only does the food and health administration claim it is a superfood but it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and the number one antioxidant on the planet known as Glutathione.

So when you think about all the amazing health benefits and how it can also reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, reduce the signs of aging, prevent the cause of certain cancers by fighting off free radicals, why would you avoid consuming something that amazingly beneficial. I know, you shouldn’t!

But like always in my blogs, and I realize it has been a little while since I posted a blog entry but I have been writing a lot of articles instead, I will recommend what I personally take and what I consider to be the best whey protein out there that you can consume.

So for now leave some comment love. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them below.  Until next time men and women!

-Matt Smith