Starting Out Your Day With A Veggie Drink

July 28, 2011 by Matt

It’s shouldn’t really be a shock to anybody that most of us are deficient of natural organic fruits and veggies. While I probably spend most of my time harping on the fact that people need more fruits sometimes I forget to hammer home why fresh vegetables are so important.

These are loaded with vitamins, nutrients and especially iron which can help quickly boost your energy. Dark greens are especially jam packed with great nutritional value such a spinach or kale.

However, I do recommend that when possible you should really attempt to eat these raw as opposed to always cooking them which can kill off a lot of the natural benefits. Remember that when you heat something above 118 degrees you are changing the makeup of the product and heat begins to kill off healthy nutrients, vitamins, and even some great enzymes that your body needs.

Recently, I have been on a breakfast kick that involves blending up lots of vegetables to make sure my body is getting what it needs. I have been testing this for about a week now and I can tell you first hand that the results are Absolutely Incredible!

Here is the exact recipe I use every day blended up that has given me such a boost an energy like nothing else I have tried before.

– Handful of Kale

– Handful of Broccoli

–  Handful of Spinach

– A Carrot

– A Red Apple (This helps sweeten it up)

– Lime Wedge with the Rind

Of course you can deviate from this a bit but the important part is that you are getting such great vegetables in there that are loaded with all the essential vitamins from A, B, C all the way to Vitamin K.

I will say that adding the apple and especially the lime or a lemon if you prefer you are really going to cut down the bitterness that sometimes comes with kale or other dark greens.

Also even though this is absolutely loaded with everything your body pretty much needs I always add some grass fed whey protein so obviously we up the protein contents of the drink.

But to be honest if you stick with this a week not only will you feel healthier but you will definitely have an incredible boost in energy.

Here’s to your health!

-Matt Smith