Is Your Whey Protein Considered A Dead Protein?

October 31, 2011 by Matt

This is a term that nutritionists are throwing around these days and trying to get into the forefront of people to tell them the truth about their current whey protein. Now this doesn’t apply to all whey proteins or other protein supplements (hopefully you not taking another protein supplement since whey is the best) but you want to ensure you are taking something that is actually do your body good.

I guess the old slogan, “Milk it does a body good” should be changed to “Raw Organic Milk does a body good” because that is essentially what is going on here. Your whey protein is just over manufactured and over processed to death that it loses all the great qualities that make it the best protein supplement on the planet.

You  have to stop taking dead proteins that have no nutritional benefits!

Here’s The Solution: You want to find a raw organic whey protein that is going to boost your immune system, help fight cancer causing free radicals, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, reduce the signs of aging, all while help you lose weight and tone your body.

Is your whey protein doing this?

I would venture to say 99% of the whey proteins out there are not.

The reason is because they not only over process them but they do so at extremely high temperatures, which makes them almost worthless and loses the superfood qualities.

This is why taking a whey protein concentrate like the ones we recommend which also comes from grass fed cows instead of grain fed cows, can “Do your body good!”

This is as raw and as naturally organic as you will find and the kind of whey protein which is considered the best protein literally in the world that you can consume on a daily basis.

I know that those other dead whey proteins cost less but there is a reason for that and unfortunately it has to do with your health and the lack of benefits you are obtaining.

So even if you pay what amounts to literally an extra few cents a day, take the leap, and start getting all those nutritional health benefits you thought you were getting. A when you look back a month from now at how much better you feel, you will kick yourself for not having done this sooner.

Not only that but the drastic effects that this type of whey protein will have on your body will shock you. You next visit to your Doctor will be the best one you have seen since you were probably a kid.

Til Next Time,

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