The Major Difference Between Superior Whey Protein And Ordinary Ones

October 31, 2011 by Matt

Well first off if you are getting a whey protein at the supermarket then you are already drastically doing a disservice to your body and to your pocket book as you are paying for something that is not working at all like it should.

Sure it is true that whey protein concentrate is a superfood, considered the best protein on the planet, lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, reduces signs of cancer, signs of aging and contains the body’s master antioxidant known as Glutathione.

However most people are taking whey protein to help supplement their diet and get some extra protein in there. The ordinary whey proteins you see out there and even at your local supplement shop like GNC all carry whey protein that is extremely substandard.

Why is this? Well for one they spend more time marketing than manufacturing and because of that they highly process this type of whey at extremely high temperatures and the chemical makeup changes and many of the important beneficial nutrients and enzymes are killed off in this process.

Additionally, too much processing will flat out kill a protein like this. I know for a fact that one company (which I will leave nameless, but it is a major brand) but are in all the supermarkets and health stores buy whey protein in bulk just before it goes bad and process the heck out of it so they can turn around and sell it in a day. Literally this type of protein, which I believe goes for about 17 cents per container to make.

Now how much health is in that? To put it simply there is not any but they do not have a problem taking your money for it.

If most people were to ask me my mission with this website and blog, it would be to explain to people the difference between organic, natural, grass fed and grain fed foods especially when it comes to beef and dairy, although I do dabble with chickens too.

Well I am sure you will hear a lot about me in future articles talk about this but it is important to note that the best whey protein powder in the world is grass fed whey protein powder. The reasons are endless but there are only a few companies, approximately less than 5% of all the whey manufacturers out there that take the time to produce it this way.

This is the reason why it costs more. But for the money you can beat all the incredible never-ending benefits of this stuff.

So before you go out and purchase another same old whey protein you should really take a look at the ones I recommend on my whey protein reviews page.