The 5 Unknown Benefits Of These Whey Protein Powders

April 27, 2012 by superch6

Ok before you read this list and go off to buy any old whey protein powder I’m sure by now if you are an avid reader of this blog you will realize not every whey protein powder is the same.

I never put products up that I don’t PERSONALLY TAKE…and I wouldn’t ever recommend people to take something that isn’t up to superior standards with nutrition. With that being said I get asked quite a bit about why grass-finished, (or sometimes known as grass-fed) whey protein is known as the best protein supplement in the world.

Here’s a quick list we’re going to go over in this post:

  1. It contains Lactose (don’t cringe…I’ll explain why this is good)
  2. Little to Zero fat means low calories
  3. Contains every essential amino acid you need
  4. Mineral Rich
  5. Vitamin Sources

Ok now before you freak out about the Lactose as most people do I should specify that lactose intolerance is soon closing in on being renamed “Pasteurization Intolerance.”

Wait what do I mean by that?

Well the grass fed whey protein that we have on this site is from cows that are fed a natural diet (their whole lives – something that is critical…they are not fed grains the last month of their life to fatten them up) produce one of nature’s superfoods known as raw milk.

This milk has lactose in it but also it is never heated up, or pasteurized, because the cows are as healthy as can be. So while they contain bacteria, these grass-finished cows contains over 110 active colonies of beneficial bacteria, not to be confused with the harsh bacteria from malnourished grain fed cows, from which over 90% of people get their whey protein from.

Because of the lactose your body produces lactic acid through the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora. However, some lactose still remains as it enters the digestive tract and this is a very positive thing I want you to understand. Two major things begin to take place in your body at this point:

The first is known as intestinal peristalsis which means the contractions of your intestinal muscles that push alimentary bolus or the mass of chewed food through your body’s digestive and intestinal tract.

Did I just make that sound elegant or what. Yes you will clear your bowels out and that has a dramatic domino effect on your body.

Because of the lactose that forms into lactic acid that pushes waste out you also help your body encourage assimilation of calcium (something women are more deficient in), phosphorus, potassium and magnesium because  you make these minerals more soluble on your intestinal levels.

Your body then absorbs these minerals into your blood stream far more easily and since whey is jam packed with vitamins, nutrients and enzymes you are going to be giving your body the superfood boost you need and lots more energy so you can go live your life with more vim and vigor.

Ok let’s zip through the rest of these points and then I’ll give you my recommendation for the best whey protein powder.

While isolates undergo more processing making them higher in protein content they also get rid of the fats whereas concentrates usually contains about 1gram of fats meaning these both are extremely low in calories – and healthy calories at that.

This makes it ideal for those people who want to leave out more fat in their diets and really help shed that extra body fat.

Sounds good right?

That’s not to mention that whey protein also is so high in protein that it helps curb your appetite so you don’t overeat unhealthy calories also.

So speaking of protein there is one fact I want you to learn about these whey proteins on this site and that is that they contain every single essential amino acid your body needs, and is one of very few foods that does this.

Let’s start at the beginning here and put some knowledge on you. Not all proteins are the exact same and they depend on other elements like amino acids to build up correctly. Think of amino acids as the building blocks of your entire body. They are important! You need them.

Your body needs 20 amino acids. Now 12 of them your body can produce normally but 8 of them are known as essential amino acids because your body cannot produce them on their own without the help of food.

In other words, if one simple essential amino acid is missing from the bunch and all other amino acids are present, your body cannot produce protein construction. These whey proteins contain ALL OF THEM!

Great news right! But there’s more…

Something else you should know is that recent studies now show that the overall composition of amino acids found in whey protein is identical to that of human blood. The benefits keep on coming from this superfood!

We’re almost done hang in there! You’re doing great and learning a ton too so keep going.

Whey protein is also rich in minerals that your body is in desperate need of but most likely not getting especially if you are eating a Western Diet, meaning lots of processed foods.

Now a great way to lose weight is to reduce the amount of sodium in your body and again if you eat a Western Diet you want to avoid lots of sodium. If you are like me and you don’t eat processed foods but stick to more organic fruits and veggies you can have as much sodium as you want because your kidneys can actually filter it rather easily.

This cuts down on water weight dramatically which most people have too much of and also holds on the pounds actually.

Potassium, which is prevalent in whey protein, is known as the foe of sodium. Potassium triggers a diuretic effect and pushes out and filters all the sodium.

Here’s a fact for you.

Did you know…each gram of salt retains 11 grams of water in your body. So the more potassium you can have the faster the body will drive out the excess sodium. On the inverse, a lack of potassium means more sodium collects in the tissues and that excess fluid causes edema which is an abnormal accumulation of fluid.

Ok even though I could rant on about how whey protein powder also is rich in calcium, something women need drastically larger amounts of than they usually get, it also is high in Magnesium which helps your nervous system and also helps to lower cholesterol, a major issue amongst Americans today.

Lastly, is the literal cornucopia of vitamins that are contained in whey protein. Whey actually contains the following: Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, D and E. Out of all of these whey protein contains the highest amount of Vitamin B2 which helps with not only eyesight and eye functions but also helps promote healthy skin as well.

Ok phew! So that’s a quick short list of some benefits that are not typically talked about with whey proteins. Partially because most whey proteins can’t boast these claims. But the whey proteins that we promote and take on this site can boast these claims.

So if you want to get your hands on these whey proteins you can visit this best whey protein page. Leave some comment love and if you have any questions please feel free to leave some comments.

See ya soon!