How Does Whey Protein Help with Weight Loss?

October 23, 2012 by superch6
How Does Whey Protein Help with Weight Loss?

How Does Whey Protein Help with Weight Loss?

For centuries, health-conscious folks have known that whey protein offers tremendous benefits, and not just for bodybuilders and athletes. Today, many people are learning about whey protein weight loss benefits and how whey protein is a good source of proteins without many calories.

Whey protein, especially whey protein from grass-fed cows, offers tons of health benefits. It provides high quality protein that’s easy for your body to digest and absorb. It gives you antioxidants and immune-supporting substances. And grass-fed whey protein contains absolutely no growth hormones and antibiotics, plus less bad cholesterol and more healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

So how does a whey protein powder help you lose weight?

In general, if you want to lose weight, you have to eat less calories than you burn. Easier said than done, right? Not if you have a good weight loss program such as a high-protein diet that’s low in fats and carbohydrates.

For optimum weight loss, many experts recommend using a high quality whey protein as a protein source for several reasons:

1. Whey protein suppresses your appetite.

Eating more protein makes you feel more full and helps to control food cravings. This protein also helps with regulating blood sugar levels, making you less grouchy and vulnerable to impulse snacks. Whey protein also contains substances that suppress your appetite naturally so you’ll eat less.

2. Whey protein is low in carbohydrates and fats.

It’s almost pure protein and contains little or no carbohydrates and fats. Translation? Less calories and more protein.

3. Whey protein helps build your muscles.

Maintaining muscles takes more calories than maintaining fat. When you replace your body fat with healthy muscle, you’ll burn more calories just by sitting still. This is on top of any additional exercise that you add to your daily regimen. And to build up more lean muscle mass in your body, you’ll need more quality protein like that of grass-fed whey protein.

4. Whey protein can replace one meal.

A well-made whey protein shake combines your favorite flavor of whey protein powder with quality food products. It’s easy and fast to make, and it’s delicious too. The high protein content will help control your appetite, making it easier to stick with your diet.

5. Whey protein offers leucine.

In order to build more muscle and reduce your body fat, you’ll need leucine, an amino acid. Whey protein is one of the richest natural sources of leucine. Adding grass-fed whey protein to your regular diet will help you to maintain lean muscle mass and lose more weight.

6. Whey protein is readily available.

It’s easy to obtain a good quality whey protein to add to your diet for weight loss.

While whey protein weight loss supplementation offers a great way to replace a meal (not all of them!) and help you lose weight naturally, you can’t rely on it alone for nutrition. Whole foods offer other essential nutrients that you need to combine with your whey protein shakes, and exercise helps you burn more calories and tone those new muscles.