Whey Protein Powders – Which One’s Right for Me?

November 20, 2012 by superch6
Whey Protein Powder Which One Right for Me

Whey Protein Powders. Which One’s Right for Me?

Most people that are into healthy living know about the amazing benefits of adding whey protein powders to their health and fitness routine. Their function in helping build lean muscle mass has been proven in study after study, and many folks find consuming a whey protein powder beverage post-workout is a highly effective way to help that process along. In addition, having more lean muscle mass also helps our bodies burn calories more efficiently, aiding in weight loss. After all, our bodies are composed mainly of protein, coming in second only to water. Obviously, it is vitally important that we provide our bodies with the highest quality protein sources available. Trouble is, how do we determine what these best protein sources are?

Our bodies require what are known as essential amino acids to remain healthy and resilient. Many of these essential amino acids are not produced naturally by our bodies, so they need to be incorporated into a healthy diet. Whey protein powder consists of those nifty essential amino acids our bodies crave, and then some. It has also been proven to aid the immune system in fighting off infection, and even provides antioxidant benefits which are crucial to warding off certain cancers. Whey protein powders have been defined by many experts as “the perfect protein” source, so the benefits of incorporating whey protein into your diet are numerous and undeniable. The next question is – how do you know which whey protein powder product will deliver the highest possible health advantages?

This is where it pays to be a savvy consumer. Most whey protein powders on the market undergo extensive heat processing during their manufacture, which causes the product to lose most, if not all, of the nutritional elements that you’re buying a protein supplement for in the first place. Kind of defeats the purpose, right? In addition, research has shown that whey protein powders derived from the milk of feed-lot cows contain less nutritional value compared to milk originating from grass-fed pasture grazing cows, not to mention unwanted and hormones and pesticides. Undenatured, or cold processed, protein derived from grass fed cows doesn’t lose all that good stuff through the process of pasteurization. Undenatured whey protein is also rich in the antioxidant glutathione, an amino acid that our bodies have a hard time producing yet is crucial for cellular function, and therefore must be supplemented through our diet.

It must be pretty obvious by now that the best choice when choosing a whey protein powder is definitely an undenatured grass fed powder, as these high quality supplements deliver the maximum nutritional benefits that heat processed whey products simply can’t. You’ll find that undenatured grass fed whey protein powders may be a little pricier than products of lesser quality, but this is definitely a case of “You get what you pay for.” Since heat processed whey products lose most of their nutritional value during manufacture, you’re literally throwing your money away. In this instance it’s definitely a wiser course to cough up the extra few bucks to ensure you’re getting the benefits and nutritional value that you’re paying for.