100% Natural Grass Pasture Fed Whey Protein

December 4, 2012 by superch6
100% Natural Grass Pasture Fed Whey Protein

100% Natural Grass Pasture Fed Whey Protein

Have you decided to give whey protein a try? If so, you’ve made a healthy choice, but make sure to research the brand you are considering before purchasing it. 100% natural grass pasture fed whey protein powder is a nutritional supplement that contains a high level of amino acids that will boost your energy, vitality and endurance. It also supports a healthy immune system and your fitness goals. 100% natural whey protein comes from grass-fed cows. No need to worry about chemicals that harm cells or ingest a product containing antibiotics, because grass pasture fed whey protein powder is free of hormones, rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) and antibiotics. It is undenatured and cold filtered, producing the highest potency of whey protein powder.

Grass pasture fed whey protein powder will give you the highest quality of whey protein that builds lean muscle, repairs muscle and help you to lose weight and stay fit. Grass pasture fed whey protein powder which comes from raw unpasteurized milk has a higher potency of nutrients needed to optimize your health and well-being.

Whey Protein Powder contains High Quality Amino Acids

Whey protein is a complete protein, containing essential amino acids that can only be obtained by consuming certain types of foods. Whey protein also has the highest level of branched chain amino acids. Branch chain amino acids, aminos leucine, isoleucene and valine are building blocks which make up about one-third the composition of skeletal muscle. They are integral to protein synthesis and muscle repair. Grass pasture fed whey protein is manufactured using a cross flow microfiltration technique to produce the highest protein source.

Whey Protein Powder boosts immune system

Glutathione, known as the master antioxidant, is a naturally occurring antioxidant in the body that is responsible for regulating other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. Glutathione neutralizes free radicals and detoxifies harmful substances before they are able to affect healthy cells. Low levels of glutathione, related to diseases such as liver dysfunctions, heart disease, pre-mature aging and immune dysfunctions, can be prevented or delayed with whey protein powder.

100% natural grass pasture fed whey protein contributes necessary amino acids (cysteine, glycine and glutamate) for glutathione production in the body. Whey protein also has a cysteine residue called glutamylcysteine which naturally converts to glutathione. Enhanced glutathione production in the body gives your immune system the boost it needs after a strenuous exercise routine and enhances muscle recovery process.

Whey Protein Combats Aging

In addition to immunity benefits, glutathione has anti-aging properties. Oxidation caused by free radicals causes age-related symptoms and diseases. Enhanced glutathione production from incorporating whey protein into your diet will help to prevent age-related conditions such as cataracts, atherosclerosis, skin wrinkles and age spots. It is impossible to receive the amount of glutathione needed from food sources, such as cheese, eggs, fish, vegetables and nuts, to provide optimum anti-aging benefits. Using whey protein powder will provide the right amounts. Whey protein is easy to digest and minimizes metabolic stress, which can reduce glutathione levels. Whey protein contains beta-lactoglobulin and alpha-lactabumin, which are sources of cysteine that work with other antioxidants to combat the aging process.