Losing Weight with Protein Shakes

December 26, 2013 by superch6

Many people today are concerned with their health, particularly their weight. Weight is often associated with health, as it in one of the indicators of a healthy body. Obesity is definitely a big problem in the United States today, and statistics say about 35% of adults are overweight and obese. Of course, as the number of obese people increase, so does the market to weight-loss solutions. There are many types of weight loss systems and diets available today and year after year, there are even more that come on the market.

weight loss protein shakesNow, do these work? For the most part, they do. After all, many of these systems advocate eating less calories by taking a certain type of food. However, if they do work, how come so many people are still obese in the US? Well, many people lose a lot of weight on these diets, but most of them gain them back again. Why?Because the weight loss system is just that – a system. Instead of changing their lifestyle, these people use these special diets to lose weight, but two things happen. Either they get tired of the diet and gain the weight or they plateau and they stop losing more weight. In the latter scenario, even the most dedicated dieters will experience a time when no matter what they do, even starve themselves, they cannot lose more weight. This is because this is the body’s natural reaction to starvation. On instinct, body goes into panic mode and starts hoarding calories. It will not burn any more calories and so you maintain and even put on more weight.

If this is the case, what can you do to lose weight and keep it off? Well believe it or not, protein shakes can be a good solution. Now, you might be thinking, why protein shakes? Weight loss protein shakes are actually a viable solution to losing and keeping weight off. See, the main concept is muscle building. When you turn your fat into muscles, you actually make your body more efficient at burning calories. When you have larger muscles, your body will burn more calories, and not hoard it. Your muscles need more calories to be efficient. Plus, when you have muscles instead of fat, your body will actually look better.

So, how do the weight loss protein shakes come into the picture? Well, protein is an essential nutrient in building muscles. It is what the body needs to repair itself and make bigger muscles. Athletes and body builders use it all the time to build their muscle for competition. They need protein, but they do not want the fat and cholesterol that come with eating meat and other prepared food. So, they drink a lot of protein shakes. If you have a sensible diet along with weight loss shakes and regular exercise, you too can lose weight efficiently.