Using Natural Whey Protein Powder

December 26, 2013 by superch6

Protein powders are ubiquitous today. We see them on supermarket shelves, health food stores, and many other places. It used to be, it was only professional athletes who used these powders, but today, many everyday people can use them for a variety of reasons. Protein is an important nutrient for building muscles. However, before you do decide to buy these protein powders, make sure you only purchase natural protein powder. You see, natural protein powder uses milk from cows that were not treated with the hormone rBGH, which is a synthetic hormone used to increase a cow’s milk production. These hormones can increase the risks for cancers and other illnesses. Natural whey protein simply do not have these synthetic hormones and so people can be rest assured that they will not be at risk.

natural protein powder

Now, why should you use natural whey protein powder? Well, protein powder can be used for both weight loss and gain. Obviously, many people, like athletes, use these to gain more muscle and thus increasing their weight. If you are underweight and trying to gain more, gaining muscle, not fat, is the better option. Not only will your body look svelte, but or overall health will be better than if you ate a lot of fat and sugar to gain weight. Now, if you have certain cancers and are undergoing chemotherapy, you can also use protein powder to safely maintain your weight. People who have to get chemotherapy often lose a lot of weight because they often throw up or lose their appetite. Protein shakes are easier to keep down than regular food and they can maintain or increase their weight.

So, how can you lose weight with natural protein powder? Well, the idea is somewhat similar, just a different execution. You see, muscles aren’t just for lifting heavy weights, but they also help you burn more calories. Large muscles need more calories and thus if you have larger muscles, then you can burn more calories. So, if you exercise and lift weights, plus you replace two meals a day with a natural protein shake, you can actually be on your way to losing weight and getting healthy at the same time.

Drinking a lot of protein shakes can be quite boring. While there are different flavors of protein shakes, you might still want more variety. If you are simply looking for ways to introduce more protein into your body, then you can add protein powder to your favorite recipes. For example, if you have a favorite bread or cookie recipe, add it to the dry ingredients. If you want something healthier, then you can make protein shakes with other ingredients. You can take a plain or vanilla protein powder and put it in a blender with your favorite fruits, low fat yogurt and some ice for a yummy snack or meal.