Celiac Disease, Depression and Pure Whey Protein

January 1, 2014 by superch6

One of the most common misconceptions about pure whey protein supplements is that they should not be taken by people who have Celiac disease because of potential risks and dangers. This is why many turn down the opportunity to drink these supplements without even realizing that these supplements can actually help them instead of bringing harm to their body. Here are some of the reasons why pure whey protein supplements are actually beneficial for people who have Celiac disease.

 Pure Whey Protein

Celiac Disease and Depression

Even though years of further research is still necessary to fortify the theory that depression and Celiac disease are connected, many studies have been able to establish a link between these two medical conditions. Here are some of these studies:


  • In 2010, the United States National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health published a study conducted by German researchers Häuser et al which showed that the levels of depression of individuals that follow a gluten-free diet is significantly higher than the general population.

  • In 2001, the same health organizations published a study which showed that most patients who suffer from Celiac disease also suffer from depression and anxiety. Addolorato et al studied 35 patients who are diagnosed with Celiac disease. The depression and anxiety levels of these patients were measured by using SDS Zung self-rating depression scale and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory test before and after their gluten-free diet. It was determined that depression can be a recurrent problem among patients with Celiac disease and that long-term exposure to a gluten-free diet does not alleviate depression. This result led researchers to believe that depression in Celiac disease is caused by the lifestyle changes that patients have to make.


  • A separate study conducted by Ludvigsson on the other hand, claims that the reasons behind the development of depression among patients with Celiac disease are low levels of Folate and Tryptophan since the same problems can be noted among patients who are suffering from depression but are free from Celiac disease.


Depression and Pure Whey Protein


  • It increases Tryptophan levels – This type of protein supplement contains high levels of Tryptophan which is then converted by the body to Serotonin which is also known as the “Happy Hormones”. This is because Serotonin is known to suppress symptoms of depression and regulate one’s mood.


  • It boosts one’s energy – Fatigue is considered as one of the many triggers and symptoms of depression. Drinking pure whey protein decreases the likelihood of fatigue and stress by boosting the body’s energy levels which can also motivate people with Celiac disease to do more workouts.


  • It strengthens the immune system – Many patients who are diagnosed with depression are prone to infections, fevers and other medical conditions that are related to a weak immune system. Drinking whey protein eliminates this problem by providing the body with a stronger immune system.