7 Reasons Your Spa Is Tripping the Breaker

March 19, 2021 by superch6

7 Reasons Your Spa Is Tripping the Breaker

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You need to enjoy a soothing soak in your hot, bubbling spa. However when you turn it in, absolutely absolutely nothing occurs. If there’s no power arriving at your hot spa, opportunities are great your ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) breaker tripped. This post, you may have already experienced a flipped breaker only to have it trip again soon after since you’re reading.

Don’t panic. a hot spa tripping a breaker isn’t an uncommon issue, plus the prospective factors are pretty simple to spot. You simply need to know what things to try to find and where you can search for it. As soon as you identify the issue, maybe you are amazed at just how easy the fix is. A couple of repairs may need a touch that is professional but that may rely on your electric level of view web site skill.

Could it be Actually My tub that is hot tripping Breaker?

Near your hot spa, in a very steel package probably connected to the part of your property, is the tub GFCI that is hot breaker. It’s a black colored synthetic switch which automatically flips whenever it experiences a electric surge.

As soon as the switch flips, it interrupts the circuit that is electrical breaking conduction so no longer electricity can go through. In a nutshell (no pun meant), it prevents you from being electrocuted in your tub that is hot when has a couple of a lot of margaritas and inadvertently knocks your stereo in to the water.

Often the breaker flips for reasons that have nothing in connection with your radio. These typical tub that is hot are pretty simple to troubleshoot all on your own. Before you obtain started, grab a towel and a flashlight. They might make it much simpler to get the issue.

Warning: working together with electricity, specially around water, can be dangerous. Be certain there isn’t any moisture where you’re working, and turn down the energy supply whenever working straight with wiring to restrict your chance of electric surprise. If you’re unpleasant dealing with electricity, hire an expert to really make the repairs.

1. Worn Spa GFCI Breaker

The absolute most reason that is obvious spa is tripping the breaker could be the thing simply wore out. Age, power surges, as well as a lightning that is nearby can render your breaker useless. Happily it’s easy to determine whether your breaker is toast for you.

When you haven’t yet, decide to try flipping it. Does it instantly trip once more? In that case, a worn or bad breaker could end up being your issue. To ensure, disconnect anything from the GFCI. Flip it straight right back on. If the breaker trips, even with nothing attached to it, you’ll want to change the breaker.