You might have surely heard the age-old concern: “What are you searching for on Tinder? if you’ve been making use of Tinder for very long enough,” Then proceeded to freak out, you’re not alone if you’ve.

July 21, 2021 by superch6

You might have surely heard the age-old concern: “What are you searching for on Tinder? if you’ve been making use of Tinder for very long enough,” Then proceeded to freak out, you’re not alone if you’ve.

by Steve Morley | Jul 30, 2020

What Exactly Brings You To Definitely Tinder?

Perhaps you’ve had one of these brilliant variants:

This real question is make or break… imagine if this woman is thinking the absolute worst about me personally? Imagine if everything we want is totally various and she prevents conversing with me personally?

Well, my pal, it’s not just you in the event that you’ve thought in this way. We have heard from many dudes they have been unmatched or had conversations fizzle out due for this.

So… How should you answer what you are actually hunting for? Well, the simple truth is, to start with, it surely depends you are actually looking for on you, and what.

Looking for a hookup on Tinder? Or looking for to start out dating? You may be simply bored or curious, or somewhere in the middle.

The truth is, everybody is on Tinder for different reasons, plus it’s ok to possess your reasons that are own.

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A Number Of The Causes Individuals Take Tinder:

Why Your Match Is Asking What You Are Actually Hunting For On Tinder

Here is the question that is real. The major reason she actually is asking will be see if what you need is aligned together with her. Therefore, essentially, she actually is asking this to filter out of the kind that is wrong of.

It’s a question that is tricky particularly if her bio is blank. Needless to say, sincerity could be the most readily useful policy. In the event that you strictly want intercourse or perhaps a relationship, inform them.

However for the remainder for this post, I’m going to assume you will be ready to accept what you are actually trying to find. Why not a hookup, perhaps some body just the go out with, possibly something more?

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Exactly What Your Match Is Seeking On Tinder

You can find wide range of reasons why your match is on Tinder. That’s most likely why you will be freaking out about how exactly to resolve her concern.

It is got by me guy, you don’t wish to say you’re perhaps searching for something much more serious in the event the match is just shopping for a hookup. Keep in mind, that is only if you might be available to such a thing on Tinder and never to locate anything particular.

Recently a scholarly study explored the real difference in intent between male and female Tinder users. Even though the outcomes had been fairly comparable, the intent for starters night stands was the difference that is main genders. That we assume lot of you will have already understood.

Don’t misunderstand me, you will find undoubtedly a complete great deal of females in search of casual intercourse on Tinder, it is simply a great deal dissimilar to the sheer number of guys. The analysis stated that 49% of males are primarily to locate a stand that is one-night their primary concern on Tinder, in comparison to 15per cent for female users.

The primary takeaway from it isn’t that there is a few more sex-hungry dudes available to you (which I’m sure you already knew), but primarily that exactly exactly just what both women and men are seeking is not all that different.

Another point that is interesting just just take far from this information is the variation with what everybody is looking, aside from being man or woman.

How Exactly To Response “What Are You Searching For On Tinder?”

Will you be uncertain what you are actually in search of on Tinder? Great! I don’t think many individuals are! Then when it comes down to answering this concern, i’m this is actually the way that is best to answer it.

Now, you don’t wish to straight up answer “I don’t know”. That may keep your match disappointed. The simplest way to respond to what you’re interested in on Tinder will be ambiguous, whilst providing your solution.

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This might seem a bit confusing for some of you, but i’d like to offer you a good example to aid illustrate the reason.

Matter: What are you searching for on Tinder?

Response: “To be honest, I’m perhaps perhaps not totally certain. We downloaded it primarily out of monotony plus some fascination. I’m not merely on right here for intercourse , but et me wrong don’t, there’s nothing wrong with sex. However the major reason I’m on the following is to simply satisfy some cool people who have no objectives and find out where things get.”

This may seem like a mouthful for some of you, but i’ve don’t ever seen a poor a reaction to this, in reality personally i think it constantly gets a rather good reaction.

That’s as it ticks virtually every field, but additionally does not place you into one particular group of either searching for a hookup or perhaps a relationship. Plus, being laid back and ready to accept various experiences is normally a appealing quality.

If she wishes a hookup, you may be the guy, if she desires a relationship you may be the man, plus you aren’t shying far from intercourse let’s assume that she does not wish that.

If You Work With Tinder For A Hookup ( But They Are Open-Minded)

Once again, you don’t wish to be totally polarizing and state one thing such as “I simply want some sex” that is casual. Even though your match is it could scare her down.

The amount of matches you’d frighten away versus the quantity that could such as your sincerity would little be a too high for my liking…

It is possible to (and really should) nevertheless be honest though, but could {do some a bit more ambiguously. Here’s an example:

Matter: What looking for on Tinder?

Response: “I don’t understand the precise reply to that concern. I suppose it is perhaps maybe not for such a thing too particular and I’m open to just fulfilling some cool individuals. I’m not likely shopping for any such thing too severe, but additionally not only desperately trying to find intercourse. Don’t get me personally wrong, there’s nothing incorrect with fulfilling up with some body for intercourse, but I would personallyn’t say that is the only reason I’m here.”

The takeaway out of this instance is you have absolutely seriously considered making use of Tinder for intercourse, but are maybe perhaps not hopeless and strictly hoping to get laid from anybody.

Nobody would like to feel you are just trying to get a one-night stand from like they are one of the many people.

If You Use Tinder To Locate A Relationship ( But Are Open-Minded)

Through the graph above it is clear you are far more prone to find some body with a few typical ground should this be what you are actually in search of, specially when compared with one evening appears.

However with that said, you still don’t would you like to outright say it’s just a bit too much pressure“ I am looking for a serious girlfriend. Let’s have a look at an illustration:

Matter: What are you searching for on Tinder?

Response: “The major reason is always to fulfill some cool individuals, possibly get caught up to check out where things get. I’m perhaps not desperately looking for my next gf, but perhaps not in opposition to the notion of fulfilling some body from Tinder.”

Then this will be perfect for her, but even if she’s not, she wouldn’t freak out thinking that you will be wanting more if your match is looking for a partner. Perfect!

Keep in mind, We have never ever seen any negative pushback from some of these responses, therefore decide to decide to try them down next time you’re confronted with this concern.


Keep in mind in an attempt to be since truthful it is you are looking for on Tinder as you can with what. Don’t lie, along with your match will appreciate your sincerity and stay more prepared to spend time.

If you should be simply starting your Tinder crusade and wish to understand what to include your profile, download my free content regarding the 50 tinder bios that are best.