Former Utah region Commissioner Greg Graves sues commissioners for delivering erotic harassment case

October 13, 2021 by superch6

Former Utah region Commissioner Greg Graves sues commissioners for delivering erotic harassment case

By Katie Britain daily Herald – | Jun 13, 2019

Former Utah state Commissioner Greg Graves is actually suing his or her original companion commissioners for claimed injuries soon after his or her release of reports, contains an intimate harassment promise and an ensuing investigative review against Graves.

During the claim, registered Tuesday in Utaha€™s 4th section trial, Gravesa€™ claims your erectile harassment claims are false, and requests for relief, including a€?an prize of monetary injuries getting established at trial not to mention non-economic injuries and courtroom expenses.a€? The words by your defendants bring lead to hardships discovering meaningful job for Graves, the issue reports, and possess harmed his or her interaction together with partner and youngsters.

The suit details both Commissioners Nathan Ivie and statement Lee into the suit, every one of whom was used on commission with Graves consequently they are still on profit. Graves comments in criticism that Ivie and Lee harbored malice toward your because they received many constitutional disagreements and a€?did in contrast to the plaintiff.a€?

The suit also details women Utah state employee just who recorded the erectile harassment claim against Graves. This is the routine Heralda€™s article insurance policy not to term declared victims of erotic harassment or misuse.

The problem boasts that Ivie and Lee realized or need renowned about the accusations of sex-related harassment comprise untrue, and that also the personnel whom filed the harassment ailment have therefore for a€?malicious and improper reasons, contains but not limited to retaliation, leverage to prevent yourself from cancellation, and/or leverage to push money with Utah district when she ended up being fired from her job.a€?

Andrew Morse, using law chatstep dating practice accumulated snow, Christensen and Martineau, represents Ivie and Lee in the case. Morse has recently performed comprehensive study in the case a year ago once Graves 1st submitted a notice of receive resistant to the state in April 2018. That examination, Morse explained, figured Gravesa€™ statements do not have quality.

Morse mentioned the man intentions to file a movement to write off Gravesa€™ situation on Monday.

a€?Each of (Gravesa€™) phrases were meritless,a€? Morse said.

The grievance promises that person who recorded the grievance got concerned that Gravesa€™ exploring privatizing several region divisions maybe a risk to the lady job, and this Graves have openly claimed some other staff that if they had been his or her solution however eliminate that employeea€™s jobs with the state.

a€?(The employees) acted with malice in saying untrue accusations against Graves,a€? the criticism states.

The complaint goes on to declare that Ivie and Lee couldn’t like Graves, and were going to find a way to take out your from workplace, functioning with malice whenever they published the a€?false claimsa€? against Graves.

The regularly Herald sent an email to request the intimate harassment criticism against Graves through a public record information need in 2017, which Ivie and Lee allowed in an is of interest hearing on Dec. 6, 2017. The commissioners in addition launched a redacted investigative report inside situation the very next day, which wouldn’t select evidence of erectile harassment, but has say a€?Based on statements from most of the witnesses, that (Graves) is generally seen as a work environment a€?bully,a€™ a€?dishonest,a€™ a€?demeaning,a€™ a€?intimidating,a€™ a€?threatening,a€™ a€?explosive,a€™ and some one with who personal partnership is to be averted whenever you can.a€?

Shortly appropriate that learning, Ivie recognized Graves in a facebook or twitter blog post, demanding his fast resignation. The phone call for resignation is accompanied by Lee, the Utah state Republican function, a number of condition legislators, U.S. Rep. John Curtis, among others. Despite the calls for resignation, Graves stayed in office before ending of 2018, if his own phase the natural way finished.

The problem claims Ivie and Lee released the erectile harassment grievance into news without issuing the report the a€?purpose of portraying Graves in a false light as an intimate harasser to malign him or her into the community eye and harm their fame.a€?

Due to this, the complaint says Graves received financial and non-economic injuries a result of a€?false words earned and/or published through defendants.a€? Gravesa€™ matrimony am adversely impacted, the criticism claims, along with his children happened to be bullied in school. Graves, who was an excellent faculty referee intermittent, says several community facilities requested that Graves not permitted to referee their sporting events.

In addition, he says that mainly because of the pressure of being falsely implicated, signs or symptoms of a preexisting terrible brain injuries happened to be exacerbated.

Graves reports in problem that their disagreements with Lee and Ivie went back age, and the other commissioners experienced before implicated him of a€?not working like a conservativea€? and threatening to force his surrender.

Gravesa€™ claims in the gripe your campaigns of his own companion commissioners to a€?impugn the smoothness and reputation of administrator Graves from inside the community eyea€? returning to once Graves first won the Republican nomination for that chair in 2014.

The criticism acknowledges that Graves was indeed a questionable open public figure before the release of the sexual harassment gripe. They notes media insurance of Graves using an account on Ashley Madison, a web page that joins wedded grown ups going to get matters.

a€?The defendants know that many Utah County constituents comprise predisposed to think Graves would sexually harass a staff member due to the previous coverage regarding the Ashley Madison story,a€? the complaint mentioned.

In April 2018, Graves directed a the time to find out claim they Utah state, saying he’d started defamed, slandered and libeled by Ivie, Lee and so the feminine county staff member just who registered the intimate harassment promise. Utah district met with the option to believe that receive and bargain a settlement with Graves, or deny they and then Graves possess twelve months to file case from the county.


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