Benefits of grass fed whey protein shakes

June 20, 2012 by superch6

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Benefits of grass fed whey protein shakes

Before we dive right in and talk about the benefits of grass fed whey protein shakes to us, we need to understand the fundamental difference between grass fed and conventional whey products. Without this understanding, it would just come down to a “take it from me this one is better” argument. The fact is there really is a huge difference in grass few whey products, and it come from the way in which the cows that produce them are housed.

Most people never think about where their milk proteins come from. Sure they come from cows, but cows where? Standard fed cows spend most of their time cooped up in a small pen being feed corn-based feed products and never getting out to exercise. They are basically being fattened up, and it shows in their blood chemistry and the contents of their milk and muscle mass. Cows fed a corn diet and not allowed to exercise show significantly higher amounts of bad cholesterol than those that are allowed to roam in fields and eat grasses.

Not only do the feed lot cows get fed poor-quality food, it is often laced with pesticides and growth hormones. All of these things are filtered down into the milk which is powdered and sent off to the packaging plant. This whey protein has traces of these pesticides and growth hormones in it.

Now that we’ve seen what happens to cows on a feed lot, let’s look at the healthy cows out in a pasture. Grass fed cows are allowed to exercise and are not penned up for long periods of time. This active lifestyle leads to a much higher concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids acids in their milk. In a grass-fed cow, this is up to 7% of the total fat content, where with feed lot cows, it’s only 1% (that a 700% difference). In addition to higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acid, grass fed cows have a perfect 3-to-1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega-3 fats, which isn’t present in the grain-fed variety.

Grass fed whey protein powder also contains a much higher concentration of vitamins and antioxidants than corn-fed whey. The biggest health boon for those of us who use grass fed whey proteins is the presence of Glutathione in the powder. This is often referred to as the “master antioxidant.” Corn-fed whey powder is completely devoid of this particular antioxidant. Grass-fed whey powder also is high in vitamins A and E.

For vegetarians and those looking to add a top-notch protein to their diets, grass fed whey protein is a far better choice than soy or other supplements. It isn’t chock-full of pesticides, bad cholesterol and growth hormones like its feed lot counterpart, and it does contain the free-radical buster, Glutathione.

Adding grass fed whey protein shakes to a diet filled with high glutathione vegetables like spinach, asparagus, avocado, squash, okra, cauliflower, broccoli, walnuts, garlic, and tomatoes is one of the most natural ways to keep your body free of cancer-causing toxins and keep free radicals at bay!

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