The Best Whey Protein For Men

October 11, 2011 by superch6

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The Best Whey Protein For Men

If you are anything like most men then you probably care a lot about finding the best protein supplement for your health and fitness.  No matter what your personal level of physical activity it is important to know what kind of protein you should be eating and then know how to actually choose the best protein powder.

For a short time there was an ongoing debate regarding whey protein vs. soy protein.  If you are new to the world of proteins and nutritional supplements then I’ll quickly give you an overview.

To make a long story short whey protein is vastly superior to soy protein for many reasons.  Whey protein is a “complete protein” meaning that it contains all of the naturally occurring essential amino acids that your body needs.  Whey also contains many biologically active enzymes and nutrients that are incredibly beneficial to your health.

One thing that we love about whey protein is that it is great for much more than just athletic individuals.  It is an excellent source of protein for anyone as it contains an excellent ratio of amino 3s to amino 6s.  Your body needs both of these amino acids but the problem with most proteins in our over-industrialized food supply is that they are far too heavy in amino 6 amino acids which are much more inflammatory.  While you do need both it is important to get them in the correct ratio and whey protein gives you just that.

Ok…so what is the best whey protein for men?

Well, first I have to say that these few benefits listed above are really only available in certain types of whey protein.  If you are new to this website let me explain something to you about us.  We are 100% dedicated to researching and finding the absolute best whey protein powder for men and in general.  Unfortunately, most whey proteins on the market are just simply no good.  They are filled with fillers and the majority of the company’s money is pumped into advertising rather than creating a quality product.

We only recommend whey protein that contains the highest levels of nutrients and have several important characteristics.  If you are an athlete, workout casually, or are simply looking for a protein to supplement your diet, here is how we have determined the best whey protein for men.

First and foremost, the whey must be sourced from pasture raised grass fed cows milk.  The reason this is important is that grass fed cow’s milk is superior to cow’s milk from grain fed cows.  Grass fed milk contains the perfect ratio of amino 6 to amino 3 fatty acids, has much higher levels of antioxidants including glutathione (your body’s master antioxidant), provides higher levels of CLA, and has a superior cholesterol makeup.  Grass fed whey provides you with HDL cholesterol which is the good cholesterol…this cholesterol raises your good cholesterol while decreasing LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.

Every whey protein you find on the shelves of your average supermarket is sourced from grain fed cow’s milk and is super-heated which effectively kills all of the positive aspects of whey.

This brings us to our next factor we use to determine the best whey protein for men.  The whey must be undenatured.  Ok, so what does undenatured or nondenatured mean?

Undenatured whey protein is protein that has been kept in it’s original biologically active state by using cold-processing methods rather than high heat processing.  The whey proteins we use and recommend are sourced from fresh raw milk and are never processed using high heat.  Most commercial protein companies use high heat to process their proteins because it kills everything in the whey (including all of the good benefits) and gives it a longer shelf life.  This is important to do when you have sourced your milk from unhealthy cows that have been raised on grains rather than grass and use milk that is not fresh.

However, there are a very few companies that produce whey protein the right way.  The companies that spend the extra time and money to get there milk from healthy grass fed cows usually are ethical and smart enough to know that using cold-processing will help to keep all of the fragile nutrients and enzymes in the whey intact.

So now our two main criteria for the best whey protein for men are grass fed and cold-processed whey protein.

But there is more.

Hopefully you know the negative impact that processed sugars and artificial sweeteners can have on your health and body.  While that is a topic for a completely different article I will just say that the last thing you want in your protein is added sugar or any kind of artificial sweeteners.  These are known causes of increased fat and over time can cause cancer.  Not to mention negative effects they have on your blood sugar levels.

Typically, I add whey protein to a shake that includes organic vegetables or organic fruit so the taste of the whey is not all that important to me since I can barely taste it in the smoothie.  However, since many people add their whey protein to water the taste is important and I can understand that.  The best protein powder should be sweetened with stevia and nothing else.  If you see sugar, aspartame, sucralose, splenda, and even evaporated cane juice or agave syrup on the label you should stay far far away.  Stevia is actually a plant that is used as a natural sweetener and is much better for you than any of these other sweeteners.

Ok…so to finalize, the best whey protein for men, and for anyone for that matter, is grass fed undenatured whey protein that is naturally sweetened with stevia.

And as a last note, my recommendation is to choose a whey protein concentrate over an isolate.  The reason for this is that a concentrate is more of a whole food than an isolate.  Whey protein concentrate contains all of the incredible benefits found in whey including the healthy fat that is found in grass fed raw milk.  Whey isolate is more processed and strips the good fats and therefore many of the good benefits out of the whey.

All in all whey protein is an excellent source of protein for men of any age and any activity level.  You can find whey in most health food stores and in most supermarkets now but remember that unless it is grass fed undenatured whey concentrate that is naturally sweetened with stevia you are not getting the most out of your protein and you could possibly be putting an unhealthy protein in your body.

So what is our #1 suggestion for the best whey protein for men?

Check out Essential Whey Protein – one of the only proteins we have found on the market that adheres to all of our guidelines and provides the highest quality, grass fed, undenatured whey protein that is naturally sweetened with stevia.  It is also a concentrate which we highly recommend.  You will pay more for a whey protein that is this high quality but when it comes to your health it is worth it.

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