Organic Whey Protein Powder

September 8, 2010 by superch6

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Organic Whey Protein Powder

Organic Whey Protein Powder is just another hyped nutrition product that’s the flavor of the week right?  I get asked this quite a lot and I always have the same direct response.

Absolutely NOT!

So why is organic whey protein powder any different from the other protein powders out there?

First off because whey protein contains the number one antioxident in the world known as Glutathione. Just so you understand exactly how important antioxidants are lets do a little recap here.

Glutathione is your body’s perfect detoxifier which supports your immune system, which in turn fights diseases. Additionally, it detoxifies your liver, decreases signs of aging, and more importantly contains cysteine.

Cysteine, however, is drastically scarce in our dieting today. This is because other than our body producing a very little amount, it’s only harvested through raw meat, raw eggs, and raw milk.

Organic whey protein powder is packed with Glutathione and Cysteine which in turn also gives us a natural boost in energy level. So whenever you’re feeling a bit low on fuel throwing some organic whey protein powder into your yogurt, or in a shake or smoothie before work is a great way to kick start your day.

But that’s just one aspect of why organic whey protein powder is considered the forefront supplement on the market to date. Let’s back up a quick second because you might also be wondering…

Our #1 Pick For Best Whey Protein Powder:

Energy First Whey Protein Powder has the highest biological value of any known naturally occurring protein source.  It is 100% pure grass fed undenatured (cold-processed) whey protein isolate (not concentrate).  Contains all 8 essential amino acids that your body needs making it a perfect all natural meal at a great price.

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  • Is 100% pure whey protein isolate (not concentrate) from healthy grass fed cows.
  • rBGH free, pesticide free
  • No artificial sweeteners…sweetened with Stevia
  • Uses only 100% natural ingredients in their purest, most powerful form to give you the utmost benefit.
  • Created using the most scientifically advanced cross-flow microfiltration processing technique available in the world to ensure you get the highest quality, highest potency whey protein in each and every serving.
  • Contains no fat, no lactose, no cholesterol, and no sugar…just pure healthy whey protein.
  • Is the perfect fuel for building lean, strong muscle.

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So what exactly is organic whey protein powder?

Well organic whey protein powder is the byproduct of the milking process in cows. Whey is the liquid that is separated from the cheese curds. So whenever you see organic whey protein powder you know that it’s from grass fed cows that feed only on natural grasses without pesticides and cows that have received no shots or hormones.

Everything in organic whey protein powder is completely natural. Up until recently there were proteins that were good for you but this breakthrough in science and nutrition really took the health culture by storm.


Because like I said organic whey protein powder is jam-packed with a seemingly unending list of unparalleled benefits

So what are the benefits of organic whey protein powder?

  • Supports your immune system and immune health
  • Drastically boosts energy, vitamins, and nutrients
  • Promotes muscle endurance, strength, and recovery
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Helps burn body fat
  • 65% Protein by weight
  • Loaded with amino acids
  • Regulates food cravings
  • Diabetic friendly

In 2001 they studied the effects of heart disease and concluded that in this United States it was the leading cause of death. People had a susceptible cardiovascular system and no way to regulate that.

Organic whey protein powder has packed amino acids and essential vitamins to help regulate proper oxygen and healthy blood cells throughout the body.

Not only is it water soluble, but organic whey protein powder tastes great!

It doesn’t have that chalky gross aftertaste that almost every powder does, which makes it delicious for smoothies, and can work well as a meal supplement if you don’t have time to eat breakfast before work or just too tired to cook.

Check out some organic whey protein smoothie recipes and find out the number one organic whey protein powder that I recommend after exhaustive research and study.

Not all organic whey protein powders are the same so for the absolute most optimal one you can check that out here.

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