Sugar Free Whey Protein Powder Without Artificial Sweeteners

October 13, 2011 by superch6

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Sugar Free Whey Protein Powder Without Artificial Sweeteners

If you are taking whey protein as a protein supplement it is very important to know which brand is the best option for you. Most whey protein manufacturers are more concerned with making their protein powder taste like candy than they are about the nutritional effects that this sort of thinking may present.

The whey proteins that we recommend must pass a very rigorous test in order to get our seal of approval and there are only a couple in the world that pass all of our criteria. One of those criteria is that it must be sugar free whey protein powder without artificial sweeteners.

I am sure you are aware of the havoc that refined sugar and artificial sweeteners can have on your body and that is why you should avoid any protein supplement that uses such sugars or artificial sweeteners in their products.

We have found a couple sugar free whey protein powders without artificial sweeteners that are naturally sweetened with stevia which is one of the only sweeteners that we find to be okay to use. Stevia is actually derived from plant leaves and has almost no effect on your blood glucose.

The #1 whey protein powder we recommend is sugar free and contains no artificial sweeteners whatsoever. It is also sourced from open pasture grass fed cows and is cold-processed which makes it the highest quality whey protein on the market. You can expect to pay a little more for a whey protein of this quality but the health benefits are far greater than standard whey protein powders.

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This Essential Whey Protein is naturally sweetened with Stevia and contains no other sweeteners or refined sugars at all.  While this is a great benefit my favorite part of the protein is that it is sourced from grass fed raw cows milk.

Grass fed cows produce such a higher quality milk that it cannot even be compared to standard grain fed milk which is what 99% of the milk on the market is sourced from and most of the whey proteins are from grain fed cows.  Grass fed whey protein contains greater immune boosting properties, much lower LDL (the bad cholesterol), higher HDL which is the good cholesterol which actually helps lower the bad cholesterol, higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid or CLA which helps to build muscle and burn fat, and has a superior biological makeup.

I like to add whey protein like this one to a smoothie along with organic fruits and vegetables.  By doing this you are getting a meal with dense nutrients that your body can absorb and use rapidly.  And you are getting nothing but natural healthy sugars instead of the refined sugars and artificial sweeteners found in most whey proteins on the market.

So, if you are looking for a sugar free whey protein without artificial sweeteners then I would encourage you to click the link below to learn more and you can purchase it online as well.

>> Click here to learn more about Essential Whey Protein – our #1 choice for the best whey protein on the market period