White Tea – The Fountain of Youth For Drinks

November 9, 2010 by Matt

Most people know that drinking Green Tea was linked to amazing benefits and has been growing ever so rapidly in America. You’ll always hear people say, “Green Tea has lots of antioxidants.”

First off I know you hear the term antioxidant but you might not know what that means so let’s clear the air a quick second. You’re body uses oxygen to function and because of that natural process it creates a by-product known as free radicals which can actually cause damage to your body.

Well antioxidants are known as “free radical scavengers” and they help eat up and repair any damage caused by free radicals of which includes diabetes, cancers, muscular degeneration and even heart diseases.

Green tea however is not even the best drink for you nowadays. White tea is not the number one drink you can have.

What’s the difference between green tea and white tea?

Nothing but age. They come from the same plant: Camellia sinensis. The only difference is that green tea is partially fermented before it under goes the process of picking. The white tea leaf is younger, not fermented and still has white hairs on it which is why it’s known as white tea.

Look at this this way. If green tea is the parents then white tea is the kids because they’re younger in the process. Black tea however is the grandparents. They are fully fermented but also are the least healthy.

If you ever saw the movie Batman Begins or when they first started showing HD picturing on televisions a few years back you probably have seen these tea field in China. It’s pictures like this that blow my mind. Doesn’t this just look healthy?!

So let’s get back to some of the benefits though of white tea.

Did you know that white tea has 3 times more antioxidants than green tea? Did you know that one cup of white tea contains 12 times as many antioxidants than a cup of orange juice? Did you know that white tea has all these benefits?

• Cancer Prevention
• Low Blood Pressure
• Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial
• Lower Cholesterol
• Stronger Bones
• Healthy Teeth and Gums
• Healthy Skin
• Anti-Aging Products
• Even Linked to Weight Loss

So just one cup of white tea has it’s benefits but they even say for optimal results try and drink 3 cups a day and it will do wonders. If you brew tea as well then usually you can get 3 cups out of it as well.

I’m telling you this stuff is all the rage these days because more studies keep popping up where they find that this is so incredibly beneficial to leading a healthy life. The chinese have used this for over 4,000 years because it’s like a natural “cure-all.”

Also while I was wandering around in the mall I grew up in I came across a store called Teavana. I am addicted! This store has tea’s that are china grown and if you ever have a chance to check it out – do it! They have samples of some of the most amazing teas I’ve ever tried.

Other than drinking tea for antioxidants, water for your body’s replenishment the only other drink I ever recommend on a daily basis is whey protein for your overall health and weight loss.

I recommend you read more over here about an article on whey protein weight loss to get some great tips and really see why it’s so important. Life is about living a long and healthy life. Well one way to facilitate that is with healthy dieting whether it be some green tea, or in my last blog – sushi, or whey protein. Hope you enjoyed the blog. Until next time!