You’ve Heard Of Superfoods – But Ever Heard Of Super-Dessert?

December 3, 2010 by Matt

Yes you didn’t read that wrong and to be honest I had just heard of this yesterday from my brother who is also an extreme health nut and also helps out with this site. I’m going strictly on his words here when he says, “Matt, you have GOT to write a blog about Artic Zero Ice Cream!”

“What is that I asked?” I’m not afraid to admit I had no idea but I’m always down to learn more just like you.

“It’s the world’s first super-dessert!” I thought to myself in a very excited tone, “You can’t be serious.” My wheels were turning. A sweet dessert that’s amazingly healthy for you? Count me in. And I’m sure when I say that everybody else will also want in.

But it’s true.

Artic Zero Ice Cream is the first super-dessert as it also contains none other than…whey protein.

You see Arctic Zero is very low calorie–with between 128 and 136 calories per pint, depending on flavor–It was developed for you to enjoy guilt free. Not only that but is all natural, low carb (11 net carbs per pint), fat free, gluten free, lactose intolerant-friendly, and high in whey protein concentrate.

This means you’re still getting the high protein content but curbing your appetite because that’s a benefit of whey. I can’t get over the fact that an ice cream now has vitamins, minerals, high amino acid count and Glutathione – the number one antioxidant on the planet that are bodies are actually deficient of.

But how does it taste? This is what you probably want to know right?

Well according to my brother and I’m strictly taking his word for it, “It is delicious man! It’s just like real ice cream.” So there you have it. But there’s even more to it.

Because it’s sweet you might wonder well how do they get it so sweet? Do they use sugar, artificial sweeteners, or what? Well they use a patented natural sweetener called Whey Low and here’s what they say about it after searching all over the world for something to use:

“Artic Ice Cream uses the patented all natural sweetener, Whey Low® for this very reason. Not only is it 100% natural, but Whey Low® has 75% fewer calories than sugar and it’s got a 70-80% lower Glycemic index as well.

Easy on the digestive system, Whey Low® has no side effects and is not a sugar alcohol. Whey Low® is a scientific blend of three natural sugars: fructose, sucrose, and lactose monohydrate.”

Now I should warn you this stuff run around $8 a pint. But before you flip out just remember each pint has 4 servings, with whey protein, as well as other countless superfood characteristics. You’d pay $8 for most fast food meals these days and those are 1 serving and totally garbage for you.

And by now you should realize just how amazing whey protein is for you and if you don’t, you need to go over here and check out this article I wrote entitled, “Whey Protein Powder – 7 Things You Need To Know!”

It’ll take you all of 3 minutes to read it but it really will show you just how amazing this stuff is. So like always feel free to comment below, bookmark, show a loved one, and since it’s winter season put on a fire, cuddle up with a significant other, and order some artic zero ice cream (which we get no commissions for at all – we’re just really nice people aren’t we) and I will see you in the next blog post.

Again if you have any other blog post ideas you’d like to see done…please feel free to leave some topics below.

-Matt Smith