Banana A Day…

July 1, 2011 by Matt

Did you know that bananas are comparable to any other fruit when it comes to health benefits and the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor a way” could be altered to a “banana a day.” The reason is because these yellow skinned fruits carry far more nutritional value than apples do.

Bananas not only carry two time the amount of carbohydrates than apples do but also 5 times as much iron and Vitamin A and two times the amount of phosophorus while also being loaded with rich potassium.

These in my opinion are one of those fruits that tend to get overlooked but have incredibly well rounded benefits to them that go as far as the eye can see.

Bananas are actually a relaxer as well because they contain the chemical tryptophan which is also known for being in turkey. This mood regulating substance also contains a level of protein that helps the mind relax so you feel happier throughout the day. Also according to the website, people that are suffering from depression often report feeling better after consuming a banana.

Here are some other added benefits of bananas you might want to know about:

– They help with menstrual pains

– Great for pregnant women to provide essential nutrients and promote health

– Excellent to add vitamins to help cure your hangover

– Rich in Iron

– Helps soothes ulcers

and tons more…

So make sure you are utilizing this great fruit in some of your whey smoothies. I would recommend when using this though to add some water or coconut water to your smoothie to make the text less thick so it goes down easier.

Also make sure you are getting yourself some whey protein powder that we recommend because out of all our research this is the best of the best that is out there on the market.

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-Matt Smith