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With so many people talking about the benefits of whey protein, where do you begin to learn about the basics? What are the benefits of doing protein shakes and what is all the fuss about? This site is your ultimate resource to learn about all the incredible benefits of whey protein powder and all of its benefits. What are the biggest changes that you can expect right away? (more…)

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  1. THIS Whey Protein Powder Was Featured In The Book, The “150 Greatest Foods On Earth”

    October 20, 2011 by Matt

    So I have been reading through this incredible book entitled, The 150 Greatest Foods On Earth. I admit I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to learning about nutrition and all the scientific names like “cruciferous” which are all the cabbage like vegetables (brussel sprouts, cabbage, kohlrabi etc.) and how those are considered the premier cancer fighting vegetables. (more…)

  2. Health benefits of frozen fruit vs fresh fruit? A Must Read

    July 29, 2011 by Matt

    Most people have a common misconception when it comes to eating frozen foods and I want to quickly dispel that myth. While on my road trip my friend who loves juicing her fruits and vegetables had to make a pitstop in Phoenix to get some Jamba Juice.

    You know the place where they blend up all your fruits and veggies into a liquid, or so we thought. Well it turned out after adding all our ingredients they pretty much made a smoothie instead and my friend was not happy.

    She kept saying this is awful and unhealthy because they are not giving us fresh foods but instead giving us frozen ones. Needless to say she was irritated and venting. Finally I told her that organically grown frozen fruits and veggies are way higher in nutritional value than fresh ones.

    She was shocked! But it’s true and I’ll tell you why.

    When ripe fruits and veggies get plucked from their vines or the ground they go through a distribution process that takes days to complete. Many of times making them overripe or losing nutrients because they aren’t being preserved. Well frozen fruits are the opposite.

    And just before I explain why, this doesn’t mean that the frozen section of your grocery store is all good. About 95% of it is garbage including those lean cuisine’s and everything else that is high in sodium and other unhealthy ingredients.

    Frozen fruits however keep their nutritional benefits because they are flash frozen. This is a quick process that retains the nutrients, fresh fruit loses because longer the fruit sits around the more overripe they are becoming.

    But the real problem is that people tend to buy conventional fruits that sometimes are altered or sprayed with pesticides which is where it gets unhealthy.

    That organic wild blueberries contain 3 times the antioxidants and
    nutrients as opposed to conventional blueberries.

    The same is true with other organically grown foods. This is really what you want to be concerned with. You want to get organic fruits and veggies as opposed to just the normal.

    Just remember that it doesn’t really matter if it is fresh or frozen foods although frozen will undoubtedly last a lot longer and save you money in the long run, so I tend to go for those.

    Plus there is something refreshing when putting frozen fruits in your grass fed whey protein powder smoothie. I think it really makes it taste a lot better.

    READ THIS —> Just incase you are really unsure about whey or just wanting to get a grip on what it is, I would recommend buying it. There is tons of articles on this site explaining why but I really can’t stress it enough the amount of incredible natural and organically healthy benefits that this contains.

    Like I always said, “I would never recommend anything I don’t personally take! But I use whey protein every day and it is loaded with not only health benefits, and immune boosting properties, but is great for weight loss and toning your body also.”

    So trust me, when you purchase your whey protein today be sure to come back and tell me how incredible you feel and how glad you are that you made this decision. I guarantee you’re going to look back and think how great of a decision you made today. We’re both in this together so lets start getting healthy 🙂

    Cheers Friend!

    -Matt Smith

  3. Starting Out Your Day With A Veggie Drink

    July 28, 2011 by Matt

    It’s shouldn’t really be a shock to anybody that most of us are deficient of natural organic fruits and veggies. While I probably spend most of my time harping on the fact that people need more fruits sometimes I forget to hammer home why fresh vegetables are so important.

    These are loaded with vitamins, nutrients and especially iron which can help quickly boost your energy. Dark greens are especially jam packed with great nutritional value such a spinach or kale.

    However, I do recommend that when possible you should really attempt to eat these raw as opposed to always cooking them which can kill off a lot of the natural benefits. Remember that when you heat something above 118 degrees you are changing the makeup of the product and heat begins to kill off healthy nutrients, vitamins, and even some great enzymes that your body needs.

    Recently, I have been on a breakfast kick that involves blending up lots of vegetables to make sure my body is getting what it needs. I have been testing this for about a week now and I can tell you first hand that the results are Absolutely Incredible!

    Here is the exact recipe I use every day blended up that has given me such a boost an energy like nothing else I have tried before.

    – Handful of Kale

    – Handful of Broccoli

    –  Handful of Spinach

    – A Carrot

    – A Red Apple (This helps sweeten it up)

    – Lime Wedge with the Rind

    Of course you can deviate from this a bit but the important part is that you are getting such great vegetables in there that are loaded with all the essential vitamins from A, B, C all the way to Vitamin K.

    I will say that adding the apple and especially the lime or a lemon if you prefer you are really going to cut down the bitterness that sometimes comes with kale or other dark greens.

    Also even though this is absolutely loaded with everything your body pretty much needs I always add some grass fed whey protein so obviously we up the protein contents of the drink.

    But to be honest if you stick with this a week not only will you feel healthier but you will definitely have an incredible boost in energy.

    Here’s to your health!

    -Matt Smith

  4. The Shrek Shake – A New Whey Protein Recipe

    June 25, 2011 by Matt

    This is a newer whey protein recipe I have been digging lately. Not only that but it is extremely healthy as well. You are loading your body with great iron from the spinach which will give you lots of energy and potassium you need for muscle health from the banana.

    There is one variation I like to do with this that you might want to consider. To be quite frank Almond Milk is not necessarily the best milk for you. In fact I tend to stay away from milk, almond milk, and soy milk altogether because they aren’t that healthy for you.

    However you can substitute one of two things here that will have a lot more health benefits for you.

    1. Coconut Water

    2. Coconut Milk (however if you do decide to use coconut milk you might want to add some water because this can be kind of thick so water would make it more of a liquid shake which you would want.

    Either way these two are drastically better choices but try them out for yourself and see which one you like better as far as taste. The important part is that you get some of your undenatured whey protein powder in there. That is the cornerstone of why this shake is going to be so healthy for you and every other ingredient is just an added bonus.

    So let me know after you try it what you think or if you found any other variations that you really enjoyed.

    -Matt Smith