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  1. 5 Proteins To NEVER Eat

    February 4, 2012 by superch6

    Protein is absolutely essential to the human diet.  Without it we simply would not be able to live.  You need protein and probably more than you realize in order to maintain your health, keep your immune system thriving, and to build healthy lean muscle.  However, not all proteins are created equal and the conventional food supply system has created a mass confusion on which proteins are healthy and which are downright dangerous to our health.

    The purpose of this list is to give you an idea of which proteins you should cut out of your diet today.

    All of the inferior proteins in this list can cause serious health issues that have been swept under the rug because of the big corporate food suppliers who make more money by selling cheap, unhealthy, and barely edible food products to the public with no regard for our health.  However, if you know what to avoid and know what the healthy alternatives are then you can actually drastically boost your health, feel great, and enjoy eating all the meat you want with nothing but health benefits to gain!

    5 Proteins To Avoid At All Cost:

    1. Grain fed beef

    You may be familiar with the term CAFO but if not it stands for “Confined Animal Feeding Operation”.  The life of a conventional cow in the United States is that they are raised on the pastures and then sold to these CAFOs in order to be fattened up before slaughter.  Generally speaking, when the calves are brought to the feedlots they are in good health and eating a diet that is optimum for their biological makeup.  However, when they get to the feedlots they are fed corn, soy, and grains which their stomachs are not able to process properly and it wreaks havoc on their health.

    As a result, the cattle are given high doses of antibiotics to keep them from getting sick.  However, this further destroys any health benefits that the cow once possessed and all of the good bacteria that once existed is nullified by this process.  From this point on the cow will never see another blade of grass in it’s life.  And by the time it is brought to slaughter the cows are generally on the brink of dying because their diet contains virtually zero nutrients for them to process and remain healthy.  Approximately 95% of all beef worldwide comes from these types of feedlot operations.  Any steak, ground beef, hamburger, or beef product that you find at your supermarket, restaurant, or butcher shop is unhealthy grain fed beef barring a small percentage of suppliers with enough sense to stock healthy beef.

    So what is the alternative?  Grass fed beef.

    Grass fed beef, on the other hand, is extremely healthy and is in a perfect biological state.  Pasture raised cattle that are fed grass and allowed to roam on open pastures have a significantly different biological makeup that is far superior to grain fed cattle.  Grass fed cows have a perfect ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids (1:1) whereas grain fed cattle have far more of the inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids.  Grass fed cows have higher levels of HDL which is the good cholesterol – known to lower bad cholesterol and assist in the bodies immune functions.  If you have ever heard anyone say to stay away from red meat it was because of the negative affects of unhealthy grain fed cattle.  These cattle do not need to be pumped full of antibiotics because they get so many nutrients from natural pastures that are also free of harmful chemical sprays such as pesticides and fertilizers.  Many health food stores are beginning to stock grass fed beef and if you check your local farmers market you can oftentimes find a local farmer who raises grass fed cattle and knows the benefit not only to the environment but also to our health.

    2. Pasteurized grain fed milk

    Everything I just mentioned in the “grain fed beef” section also applies right here.  Virtually all milk you find at the grocery store, restaurant, coffee shop, and the like is milk from feedlot cows that were fed an unnatural and unhealthy diet.  And of course, the milk they produce is also as unnatural and unhealthy.  The milk from these cows is full of antibiotics, growth hormones, and unfortunately a small amount of the health benefits that are found in quality milk.  Because of these types of production methods, milk producers were forced to pasteurize their milk in order to kill any bad bacteria.  Pasteurization is a process that uses extremely high heat in order to kill anything in the milk…both the good and the bad.  The problem is that all of the health benefits of milk are also killed in the process.

    Lactose intolerant?  Think again!

    If you have a problem drinking conventional milk you have probably thought that you are lactose intolerant.  However, the truth is that you could likely drink healthy raw milk by the gallons and have no problems whatsoever.  Did I just saw raw milk?  Yes I did.  It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I even knew that raw milk even existed and I am lucky enough to live in California where raw milk is still legal.  Raw milk is considered by many nutritionists (those who know what they are talking about at least) to be a superfood of the highest degree.  I had sworn off milk about 15 years ago as did my wife because we both believed that we were lactose intolerant.  However, we both drink raw milk from grass fed cows every day with zero stomach issues and it has even helped clear up any allergy problems.

    Lactose intolerance should be renamed “pasteurization intolerance” because the process of pasteurization destroys all of the healthy lactobacilli in the milk.  This healthy bacteria actually allows us to produce lactase in our own guts in order to easily process and digest milk.  And milk from healthy grass fed cows contains exponentially more active nutrients and enzymes.  Since the gut is the center for the immune system, drinking raw milk from grass fed cows is a great place to start.  Get to know a farmer that raises healthy dairy cows and runs a quality operation and you can get the benefits from this amazing food.  If you want more great info on raw milk check out this website here.

    3. Farmed salmon

    What? Avoid salmon?  Unfortunately, the need to produce cheap protein is not limited to just the protein we can find on land.  We now have managed a way to manufacture salmon in a way that turns them from an amazing protein source to an unhealthy one as well.  Farmed salmon is very much like the grain fed cattle of the sea.  What was once a source of amazing omega 3 fatty acids has now become another source of an unbalanced source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.   As I mentioned before this causes the salmon to be in a much more inflammatory state.

    Salmon harvesters have even begun feeding corn to salmon.  And if you think that a sea creature was ever meant to eat genetically modified corn then I’m sure you believe in flying gorillas as well.

    So what can you eat instead?  Wild salmon…it’s that simple.  Can you see the trend here?  Nature, in it’s original state, knows what it’s doing and it’s only when we try to manipulate the system that things get out of whack.  Wild salmon is an absolutely amazing source of protein that contains incredible health benefits such as healthy CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), tons of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, and rich in nutrients such as vitamin D and selenium.

    4. Soy protein

    Are you like I used to be and think that soy protein is a healthy protein source?  Well, think again.  Soy protein is actually one of the worst offenders because the soy industry has pumped so much money in to advertising that their product and trying to pass it off as a health food.  The general public is now under the assumption that soy protein is an excellent way to get protein in their diets while also benefitting their heart.

    First off, soy has never been a significant source of protein in any diet in human history.  Even to this day Asian countries eat far less soy than Americans do and the soy they do eat is generally much healthier.  The soy produced in the United States is a highly processed food source that is actually inedible until put through extensive processing.  And it is only then digestible…but still not healthy.  In fact, it wasn’t until a certain bacteria was discovered that could be added to soy in order to make it edible to humans.  Where was this bacteria found?  In the sewage system of a manufacturing plant.  Still want to eat soy?

    Soy is also an antinutrient in that it will actually block your body from absorbing healthy nutrients.  This is one of the major reasons that soy is so often enriched with vitamins and other nutrients – so that it can be marketed as a healthy alternative to dairy while, in reality, it is blocking those vitamins and nutrients from being absorbed in the first place.

    Soy is also highly allergenic and wreaks havoc on your hormone levels.  It causes both men and women to overproduce the hormone estrogen while also attacking the thyroid.  Fermented soy such as Tempeh and Natto are ok in small quantities but keep in mind that most of the soy produced comes from genetically modified crops which is another topic altogether.  The bottom line is to avoid soy…better safe than sorry. More on the dangers of soy here.

    5. Conventional whey protein

    Strange to see this one on a website that is all about whey protein right?  Well, the goal of this website is to help inform you about what is healthy and what is not.  Unfortunately, conventional whey protein is simply not healthy for you.


    Whey protein is a protein found in dairy.  If you have ever seen how a bottle of unhomogenized milk separates so that the cream floats to the top along with a clear liquid then you have unknowingly seen whey protein in its purest form.  Whey protein is that clear liquid that separates in milk.  Whey protein powder is then made by taking that whey and drying it into a powder form so that it can be kept and eaten.  In theory this would be great…taking the healthy protein of milk and using it as a dietary supplement.  However, the source of the milk and processing of the whey can turn a superfood into junk food.

    99% of the whey protein powders you find on the market today are absolute junk.  They are derived from grain fed cow’s milk and ultra-pasteurized so that every nutrient, enzyme, and good or bad bacteria is destroyed.  Remember how I talked about the benefits of healthy raw grass fed cow’s milk?  Well the exact same truths apply to whey protein.  The healthier the milk the better the whey protein.

    Grass fed whey protein is a whole different story!  Grass fed whey comes from cows that are pasture raised on their natural diets to contain a healthy abundance of omega 3 fatty acids.  They contain healthy bacteria that helps you maintain a healthy gut, boost your immune system, and build strong lean muscle.

    Whey protein is considered a “complete protein” because it contains all of the amino acids including all of the essential amino acids that are necessary for life.  It is also easily digestible and absorbed into the body.  It is also an excellent source of antioxidants and more specifically Glutathione which is considered the body’s master antioxidant.

    Jonny Bowden in his book “The 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth” lists grass fed whey protein as one of the healthiest foods you can eat.  Grass fed whey is also an excellent of CLA which is known to boost immune function and has fat burning properties as well.  If you do not have whey protein in your diet today I highly suggest that you add a quality grass fed whey as soon as possible.

    Go here to see the highest quality premium grass fed whey proteins that I could find (you won’t find these in your supermarket)

    Grass fed whey protein will almost certainly cost more than conventional grain fed whey protein because it is so much cheaper to produce an inferior product.  What is your health worth to you?  Will you keep buying cheap grain fed beef, farmed salmon, soy protein, and cheap protein alternatives just because they cost a couple bucks less?

    Can you see the bigger picture and realize that by saving a dollar or two today to buy cheap food you are actually all but guaranteeing that you will be spending a lot more down the road on medical expenses?  What is your health worth?  All it takes is a little knowledge of how to buy your food and you can turn it all around and live an optimum healthy lifestyle.

  2. The Major Difference Between Superior Whey Protein And Ordinary Ones

    October 31, 2011 by Matt

    Well first off if you are getting a whey protein at the supermarket then you are already drastically doing a disservice to your body and to your pocket book as you are paying for something that is not working at all like it should.

    Sure it is true that whey protein concentrate is a superfood, considered the best protein on the planet, lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, reduces signs of cancer, signs of aging and contains the body’s master antioxidant known as Glutathione.

    However most people are taking whey protein to help supplement their diet and get some extra protein in there. The ordinary whey proteins you see out there and even at your local supplement shop like GNC all carry whey protein that is extremely substandard.

    Why is this? Well for one they spend more time marketing than manufacturing and because of that they highly process this type of whey at extremely high temperatures and the chemical makeup changes and many of the important beneficial nutrients and enzymes are killed off in this process.

    Additionally, too much processing will flat out kill a protein like this. I know for a fact that one company (which I will leave nameless, but it is a major brand) but are in all the supermarkets and health stores buy whey protein in bulk just before it goes bad and process the heck out of it so they can turn around and sell it in a day. Literally this type of protein, which I believe goes for about 17 cents per container to make.

    Now how much health is in that? To put it simply there is not any but they do not have a problem taking your money for it.

    If most people were to ask me my mission with this website and blog, it would be to explain to people the difference between organic, natural, grass fed and grain fed foods especially when it comes to beef and dairy, although I do dabble with chickens too.

    Well I am sure you will hear a lot about me in future articles talk about this but it is important to note that the best whey protein powder in the world is grass fed whey protein powder. The reasons are endless but there are only a few companies, approximately less than 5% of all the whey manufacturers out there that take the time to produce it this way.

    This is the reason why it costs more. But for the money you can beat all the incredible never-ending benefits of this stuff.

    So before you go out and purchase another same old whey protein you should really take a look at the ones I recommend on my whey protein reviews page.

  3. Whey Protein Side Effects – Is Your Whey Protein Full of Harmful Toxins?

    October 21, 2011 by superch6

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    Whey Protein Side Effects – Is Your Whey Protein Full of Harmful Toxins?

    If you have read any of our other articles on this website regarding whey protein you know that we are big fans of supplementing your diet with healthy whey protein.  However, every so often we get emails from people who have heard from a bad something bad about whey protein and they ask if there are side effects associated with taking whey protein.

    While the motive of the friend is great in trying to help out their friend, the problem is that they only have half of the story.  So in this short post I will help you to understand what some of the whey protein side effects are and how you can avoid them.

    There was recently a study that came out that identified heavy metal toxins in many of the large company whey protein powders on the market.  As I’m sure you know, the last thing you want to do is pump your body with heavy metals and other toxins for that matter.

    It is believed that over 95% of today’s protein powders actually contain toxins of some kind and I would venture to guess that the number is even higher.  The reason is that commercial whey proteins are made with the absolute cheapest (and worst) ingredients possible in order to keep the production costs down as much as possible and profit margins as high as possible.  It’s sad that people choose profit over health so frequently these days.

    Another reason for the increased toxicity level is due to adding artificial ingredients that only have adverse effects on your health.

    As you may already know whey protein comes from cow’s milk which in it’s natural state is extremely healthy for you if you know how to choose correctly.  Traditional milk that is sourced from conventional farming practices today is from feedlot cows that are fed an unnatural diet of grains, corn, and soy – all of which are genetically modified.  The milk that comes from these unhealthy grain fed cows is like junk food for your body and contains very little of the essential digestive enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins found in healthy milk.

    Also, standard milk from grain fed cows, which is over 99% of the milk in the United States, goes through a process of ultra-pasteurization that effectively kills all of the good and bad bacteria in the milk.  This process uses extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time to heat the milk.  The problem with this kind of processing is that it also kills all of the healthy digestive enzymes in the milk that are what allow our bodies to properly break down the milk and absorb all of it’s nutrients.  The whey protein that is sourced from this kind of milk is virtually unusable by your body as it cannot properly digest it since it has very few if any of its natural health components still intact.

    So where can I find health whey protein from healthy milk sources?

    Luckily there is a trend happening now to get back to the basics which we have strayed so far from.  This means allowing cows to feed on open organic pastures that are free from pesticides and growth hormones year round.  This allows the animals to eat their natural diet of forage, get much needed sunlight that they convert into vitamin D in their bodies, and produce superior milk with incredible health benefits.  It also means not pasteurizing the milk.  You may have to forget what you have taught for decades about raw milk being bad for you because that is simply not true.  Raw milk is extremely healthy and was once used as a medicine to cure a myriad of diseases.  You simply must make sure that the milk is from healthy open pasture grass fed cows.

    In fact, the reason that many people today are lactose intolerant has nothing to do with the milk itself and everything to do with the production methods.  Pasteurized milk kills the healthy digestive enzymes in milk and make it virtually impossible for your body to process.  With a few rare exceptions, people with lactose intolerance have zero side effects when they drink raw milk.

    And the same goes for whey protein.  There are zero whey protein side effects when the protein comes from raw grass fed cow’s milk (with a few very rare exceptions).  The key is finding a whey protein that is “undenatured” as well.  This means that the best processing methods have been used and the protein was manufactured at low temperatures allowing all of the essential nutrients and enzymes to remain undamaged.  Therefore, you are getting the maximum nutritional benefit out of your whey protein.

    Not only does this kind of healthy whey protein contain no side effects, it is now considered a superfood by many in the true health community.  So simply by choosing the right kind of whey protein you can go from side effects to nothing but excellent benefits.

    You can read more about the benefits of whey protein that is from grass fed cows here.

    So as an informed consumer what choice will you make when it comes to your health and your whey protein?  On the one hand you can save some money but get an inferior protein that is ultra-processed and sourced from grain fed cows or you can get the amazing nutritional benefits from a healthy, living, undenatured, grass fed whey protein.  Sure, because of the quality of this kind of whey protein you will pay a few extra bucks but if you take whey protein every day it only comes out to a few cents a day.

    One whey protein side effect we didn’t mention was the effect that it has on the environment.  Commercial whey protein from grain fed feedlot cows is quite honestly terrible for the environment.  Feedlot “farming” takes from the environment without putting anything back in making it completely unsustainable.

    However, grass fed cows are allowed to roam in open pastures and since they are so healthy they actually fertilize the pastures with manure which provides the soil with natural nutrients to stay healthy and continually produce healthy grass.  Nature has it right, we simply got in the way and tried to outsmart nature but have failed miserably.  Only now are the failed efforts of irresponsible traditional farming methods coming to light but luckily there are a select few people who are doing it the right way and are producing the best and healthiest products.

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  4. Top 8 Whey Protein Benefits – Discover The Benefits Of Whey Protein

    October 19, 2011 by Matt

    The fact that whey protein is an excellent protein for your body is not a new discover.  It is an absolute superfood that many nutritionists have recently listed as one of the top 10 foods that you can eat.  Even Jonny Bowden in his book “The 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth” has a great section on whey protein powder and lists it as one his most suggested foods to eat.

    So first off, what is whey protein?  Whey protein is one of the several protein factors found in cow’s milk.  Through some processing methods we have been able to separate this protein and make it into one of the absolute best protein supplements that you can take.

    Now, before I get more into the actual benefits of whey protein I need to first make a distinction between different types of whey.  Most people who eat whey protein and are hoping to get the maximum health results from it are, in fact, getting ripped off.  The reason why is that they have been sold a marketing message from companies that are out solely for profit and do not have the consumer’s health in mind at all.

    Most of the whey protein that you find on shelves at supermarkets is ultra-processed at extremely high temperatures.  This effectively kills any of the good enzymes and nutrients that are found in milk to begin with and destroys all of the great benefits that I am about to discuss.  The enzymes found in whey protein are vitally important to getting the most out of the protein as they help aid in the rapid digestion of the nutrients.

    The other problem with most whey proteins on the market is that they are sourced from milk from grain fed cows instead of grass fed cows.  Grass fed cow’s milk is so far superior to grain fed milk that many nutritionists agree that you cannot even accurately compare the two because they are so different in biological makeup.  Raw grass fed milk is one of nature’s truly incredible superfoods who’s benefits are so many that I do not even have time to list them all.

    So as you can see, to get the most out of your whey protein it should be sourced from raw grass fed cow’s milk and be cold-processed which means that the whey is undenatured.  This way you get the protein as close to it’s God-given natural state as possible which is at it’s peak of healthful benefits.

    The health benefits of whey protein in this article apply to undenatured grass fed whey protein not necessarily commercial store-bought whey as it is a dead and inferior protein.

    A look at whey protein benefits:

    1. Whey protein is an incredibly high quality protein that is easily absorbed and digested.  Many proteins take awhile for your body to fully digest and be absorbed into your body but whey protein is quite the opposite.  It is very easily and quickly digested and gives your muscles fuel extremely fast compared to most protein types.  This is the reason that it is possibly the best post workout supplement available.

    2. Boosts the immune system. Whey protein that is sourced from raw grass fed cow’s milk contains healthy living enzymes and bacteria that are excellent for your immune system.  Many people take whey protein for the purpose of maintaining optimum health.  I eat a very healthy diet and have at least 15-30 grams of whey protein every day and have not been sick in years.  I actually cannot remember the last time I was sick and I credit it to eating these type of “living” foods that are minimally processed and contain enzymes and nutrients that maintain a healthy body.

    3. Provides antioxidants. One of the greatest whey protein benefits is that it gives your body a natural boost of antioxidants.  As I’m sure you know, antioxidants are a major part of your body’s natural defense system against free radicals.  Antioxidants are your greatest defense of cancer as well.  Whey protein contains glutathione which is often considered the “master antioxidant” and one that your body generally does not produce enough of on it’s own and must be gotten from within the diet.  Whey protein from grass fed cows is an excellent of glutathione so you could be doing more good for your body than you thought!

    4.  Excellent omega 3 to omega 6 ratio. These are the fatty acids that are essential to life.  The problem with much of our western diet is that are foods are very unnatural and contain an out of balance omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.  Most people are already aware of how important omega 3 fatty acids are for your health and wellbeing but most people have never heard of omega 6.  Omega 6 are a more inflammatory fatty acid which sounds scary but is essential to life.  The problem only lies when we eat foods that are unnatural and have too much omega 6 in them.  Whey protein contains nature’s perfect ratio of these omega fatty acids.  I should make another note here that I am only talking about grass fed whey protein because grain fed cows are their milk contain the unhealthy ratios of amino acids.  So stick with grass fed and you will get this whey protein benefit as well.

    5.  Improved health of the gastrointestinal tract. Again, raw grass fed whey protein contains good bacteria that acts as a probiotic in your stomach and can help to maintain and even repair the health of your intestinal system.  The FDA has often condemned raw milk because it contains bacteria but the problem is that they never differentiated between good bacteria and bad bacteria.  And the raw milk from grass fed cows contains good bacteria that is excellent for your insides and will help keep your stomach in excellent condition.  Also, if you are lactose intolerant you should have no problem eating whey protein or even raw grass fed milk for that matter.  Most people who are lactose intolerant are actually only intolerant to highly processed pasteurized milk.  However, raw milk that has not been ultra-processed actually contains excellent digestive enzymes that help you digest better.  On a personal note my wife was told by several doctors that she is lactose intolerant, however, she is able to drink raw grass fed milk without any intestinal problems and we feel it is actually helping to heal her stomach.

    6. More energy. Due to the fact that your body can so easily digest and use this amazing protein you will naturally feel more energy simply  by consuming whey protein.  If you feel sluggish after eating certain foods it is likely because the foods are unhealthy or highly processed and make it hard work for your body to digest.  Not to mention that they probably have very few nutrients that your body can use so your stomach is having to work hard breaking down a processed food for no benefit.  However, whey protein is very easy for your body to digest and also provides you with many vital nutrients to give you sustained energy.

    7. Whey protein is a “complete protein” or “perfect protein”. What this means is that whey protein contains all of the essential amino acids necessary for your body to function and survive.  It is one of the rare proteins that actually consist of every single essential amino acid which makes it an excellent choice for a protein to eat.

    8. Aids in weight loss.  Again, this is just one of the great whey protein benefits that is almost a culmination of all of the above benefits.  Since whey protein is such a biologically available and naturally complete protein your body can use is easily to fuel itself.  Whey protein is easily absorbed to help rebuild muscle and muscle feeds off fat.  If you want to burn fat you must build muscle.  You don’t have to get all big and bulky because lean muscle is actually the best fat burner you can find for this purpose.  Since whey protein helps build lean muscle your body will naturally start burning fat on it’s own.  Again this is another reason whey protein is such the best post workout supplement because it rebuilds the muscles that have been broken down in your workout.

    I could go on and on about the benefits of whey protein but I think this will suffice for now.  To recap, do yourself a favor and find a grass fed undenatured whey protein so that you get all of the amazing benefits from whey protein.

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  5. Starting Out Your Day With A Veggie Drink

    July 28, 2011 by Matt

    It’s shouldn’t really be a shock to anybody that most of us are deficient of natural organic fruits and veggies. While I probably spend most of my time harping on the fact that people need more fruits sometimes I forget to hammer home why fresh vegetables are so important.

    These are loaded with vitamins, nutrients and especially iron which can help quickly boost your energy. Dark greens are especially jam packed with great nutritional value such a spinach or kale.

    However, I do recommend that when possible you should really attempt to eat these raw as opposed to always cooking them which can kill off a lot of the natural benefits. Remember that when you heat something above 118 degrees you are changing the makeup of the product and heat begins to kill off healthy nutrients, vitamins, and even some great enzymes that your body needs.

    Recently, I have been on a breakfast kick that involves blending up lots of vegetables to make sure my body is getting what it needs. I have been testing this for about a week now and I can tell you first hand that the results are Absolutely Incredible!

    Here is the exact recipe I use every day blended up that has given me such a boost an energy like nothing else I have tried before.

    – Handful of Kale

    – Handful of Broccoli

    –  Handful of Spinach

    – A Carrot

    – A Red Apple (This helps sweeten it up)

    – Lime Wedge with the Rind

    Of course you can deviate from this a bit but the important part is that you are getting such great vegetables in there that are loaded with all the essential vitamins from A, B, C all the way to Vitamin K.

    I will say that adding the apple and especially the lime or a lemon if you prefer you are really going to cut down the bitterness that sometimes comes with kale or other dark greens.

    Also even though this is absolutely loaded with everything your body pretty much needs I always add some grass fed whey protein so obviously we up the protein contents of the drink.

    But to be honest if you stick with this a week not only will you feel healthier but you will definitely have an incredible boost in energy.

    Here’s to your health!

    -Matt Smith