Best Whey Protein Powder – 2018’s Best Whey Protein Powders

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With so many people talking about the benefits of whey protein, where do you begin to learn about the basics? What are the benefits of doing protein shakes and what is all the fuss about? This site is your ultimate resource to learn about all the incredible benefits of whey protein powder and all of its benefits. What are the biggest changes that you can expect right away?

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Recent Articles

  1. The Best Rated Protein Supplement Of 2011 Went To…

    July 18, 2012 by Matt

    The results are in! Leading fitness and health experts have finished analyzing the protein supplements on the market and have announced the winner! (more…)

  2. Kale Is Known As The Bone Builder

    June 14, 2011 by Matt

    One of these foods that has slowly risen to fame over the last few years is the dark green leavy vegetable of the lettuce family known as Kale. This is truly in my expert opinion one of the most overlooked foods on the market. But the reason I think is because people have no idea what it really is or the benefits of consuming it.

    Kale is absolutely loaded with Vitamin K as well as any other dark green leafy vegetable like spinach. I’m pretty sure if Popeye was to turn his head to a new vegetable for his power he would be squishing cans of Kale as a replacement. But as you know I’m not a firm believer of anything in can form so I’d have to tell him where the produce section of the supermarket was.

    The reason why Vitamin K is so important is because it is known as the heart and bone builder of your body. Studies have shown that people are incredibly deficient when it comes to getting this vitamin but kale is known to fix that each serving you have. For instance one cup of kale is enough to give your body 1327.6% of your daily value.

    Not only that but here just a few other tidbits of why kale is so great:

    • It helps fight off numerous causes of cancer more than any other vegetable (including bladder cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer)
    • It contains anti-inflammatory nutrients
    • It is anti-oxidant rich
    • Is known to lower cholesterol
    • Plus tons more…

    So make sure you try this leafy green out sometime…one of the great ways you can use this stuff is either by putting it in a pot of boiling water and boil it down like spinach or to juice it.

    I personally love making whey smoothies or juicing up a bunch of carrots, kale, apples, and a lemon and adding it to my favorite undenatured whey protein powder because it will have so much nutritional benefits.

    Next time you are at the grocery store check it out for yourself.

    Til Next Time…

    -Matt Smith

  3. Tropical Vitamin C Whey Protein Smoothie Recipe

    January 26, 2011 by Matt

    I tend to believe that a lot of times we just overlook simple vitamins and minerals that we need to give our body and the cornerstone being Vitamin C. It probably is the easiest to get because it’s in almost every fruit known to man but you really do need to make sure you’re getting enough of it.

    Why is Vitamin C so important?

    The Anfas Organization says, “Vitamin C is responsible for helping the body absorb iron, and it has also been linked with the prevention of disease and the delaying of aging because Vitamin C destroys free radicals, which are the molecules that are most commonly associated with cell damage and signs of aging. Vitamin C provides numerous health benefits, and promotes overall excellent health for the entire body.”

    So you see it really is something you need to have more often than not and to be quite honest fruits containing vitamin C are often the most delicious which is why I have this…

    Tropical Vitamin C Smoothie Recipe (makes 16 ounces)

    1/2 cup frozen strawberries
    1/2 cup frozen mango
    1/2 cubed papaya
    1/2 oranges or preferably orange juice

    It’s as simple as putting these in there the blender and letting it rip. But to kick up the health even more I add a scoop of my favorite and number one rated undenatured whey protein powder in there.

    1 scoop of undenatured whey protein powder

    I personally love tropical fruits more than any other kind so feel free to mix and match because all of these tropical fruits are absolutely loaded with vitamins and minerals and adding the whey protein powder means you’ve just amped it up a notch. Whey protein contains it’s on set of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and Glutathione – the number one antioxidant on the planet that our bodies are actually deficient of.

    So make sure you go out and try some soon.

  4. Whey Protein Powder Berry Cherry Smoothie

    December 29, 2010 by Matt

    Here’s a recipe I’ve used quite often that I find extremely delicious and packed with nutritional benefits. It’s partially because it’s some of my favorite fruits and not only that but it’s a kid -friendly smoothie.

    A lot of times we think tend to think that whey protein or supplements are just for adults but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact the great thing is that you’re feeding your kids something that tastes like a 7-11 slurpee.

    So next time you go to your grocery store and you want to put your whey protein to some great use and really get some incredible health benefits I suggest you pick up ingredients for this amazing berry cherry smoothie.

    1 cup frozen cherries

    1 banana

    1/2 cup fresh strawberries

    1/4 orange juice

    1/4 plain greek yogurt

    1 tablespoon of honey (optional)

    The great thing I like about the honey though is it thickens the smoothie up, really brings all of the ingredients together, and also its sweetens up the smoothie and unlike artificial sweeteners is extremely healthy for you. It also gives you a great energy boost.

    Without the whey protein here some of the nutritional information per serving in this smoothie which is 14 ounces:

    Calories 274
    Carbs 62g
    Protein 6g
    Fat 3g
    Sat Fat 1g
    Cholesterol 8mg
    Sodium 39mg
    Calcium 141mg
    Fiber 6g

    So as you can see it’s extremely healthy but there is another way to make sure you are getting even more health in every shake.

    If you want to take the smoothie to the next level I suggest you add whey protein powder to it as well.

    1 scoop of undenatured whey protein powder should do the trick too.

    With all the fruit in this smoothie  too you are going to get lots of vitamins and minerals. Adding the whey protein is a huge benefit too because it’s the highest form of protein that you can buy out on the market. So forget about egg protein, soy protein, or really any other protein for that matter because this is the best.

    Here’s our pick for the number one review on undenatured whey protein powder that you can find out there on the market.

    Trust me. After all the exhaustive research and lots of testing we finally figured out that this is the best protein for you. So jet on over there and check it out, put it in your next berry cherry smoothie and enjoy the tastiness!

    Hope you enjoy and cheers!
    -Matt Smith