Using Whey Isolate Protein Powder to Recover from Muscle Damage

December 17, 2013 by superch6

For years, many believed that whey isolate protein powder is only beneficial for body builders and those who want to achieve a fuller figure. However, recent studies show that drinking whey protein isolates powder can also help reduce muscle damage and prevent loss of strength which is common problems for individuals who perform high intensity work outs or activities on a regular basis.

Generally, muscle damage is caused by eccentric contractions or those exercise routines that aim to lengthen the muscles. Individuals who do not normally engage in frequent exercise routines are tend to be more prone to muscle damage as well. Research conducted by professionals at the Department of Exercise Science in University of Massachusetts determined that muscle damage happens in two stages. The first stage is the initial damage wherein muscle fiber is disrupted. The second damage is caused by the inflammation which happens after the initial stage. They were also able to prove that muscle damage is not necessarily more common in men than in women. The likelihood of suffering from muscle damage is not affected by one’s sex but one’s exercise routines.